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  • New City, New University: Applications Underway for DVIZH Academic Mobility Program 2024

    Until December 20, second- to fourth-year Bachelor’s students from ITMO University, the Russian Foreign Trade Academy, the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, and Tomsk State University can apply for the DVIZH academic mobility program and win a chance to spend a semester at one of Russia’s top universities. Learn more in this ITMO.NEWS article.


  • Highlights of ITMO’s Open School for Latin American Students

    ITMO University has conducted its first-ever interdisciplinary online school for students from Latin America. Over the course of five days, 350 participants enjoyed lectures by the university’s experts on chemoinformatics, robotics, information security and technologies, as well as machine learning. In the future, school participants will be able to continue their studies at the university as part of Master’s programs, academic mobility programs, or other educational initiatives.


  • Applications Open for DVIZH Academic Mobility Program 2023

    ITMO University, along with Russian Foreign Trade Academy, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, as well as Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia invite second to fourth year Bachelor’s students for a semester exchange at one of Russia’s top universities within the DVIZH academic mobility program. Applications are accepted until December 20.


  • A Step by Step Guide on How to Participate in a Conference

    In today’s world, having good grades is not enough. You need all the extra edge you can get. Attending conferences is a great way to boost your resume and be in the know of all the latest trends in your field as well as network with peers, thought leaders, and your potential future employers. Here’s my guide on how to choose the right event, cover your expenses, and make the most out of the experience.


  • A Semester in a New City: DVIZH Academic Mobility Program Kicks Off at ITMO

    Students can now study for a semester at one of the five participating universities in Russia with the new DVIZH academic mobility program. In total, 184 applications from 130 students were submitted, and this fall ITMO will welcome 50 students from Moscow universities, while 14 ITMO.Family members will spend a semester in the capital. Learn more about the program and students’ learning tracks below.


  • New Academic Mobility Program Between Moscow and St. Petersburg Launched at ITMO

    The new student exchange program DVIZH allows students to spend a semester at one of five partner universities based in Moscow and St. Petersburg. They will also have the chance to study subjects that aren’t related to their specialization. Learn more in this ITMO.NEWS article.


  • International Opportunities at ITMO: Students Share Their Experiences

    One of the benefits of studying at ITMO University are the many opportunities to gain international experience. There are so many ways that ITMO students can develop their intercultural communication skills and study or collaborate on research with people from all around the world. What are the options and why should you do it? Learn about it first-hand from our students!


  • Productive Summer: Online Schools from ITMO University’s Partners and Not Only

    Don’t miss your chance to get your summer off on the right foot with our ITMO.NEWS guide to international summer schools in 2021 for robotics specialists, data scientists, programmers, ecologists, biotechnologists, and many others.


  • Can I Go on an Internship Abroad In 2021

    Many borders are still closed, and it might seem that you can’t take an internship abroad. But that’s not exactly true. The scientific life that came to a stall last year is gradually resuming its natural pace. ITMO.NEWS and Ekaterina Tulugurova, head of the International Educational Programs Department, answered the most frequently asked questions in this regard.


  • How To Study Abroad: Student’s Guide to International Opportunities in 2021

    Twice a year, ITMO University holds a competition for semester exchange as part of its international academic mobility program. The call for applications for the fall semester will open on February 2 and will remain available until February 21, 2021. The competition is for students of all levels: Bachelor's, Specialists (starting with the second year), and Master's.