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  • ITMO Graduate Releases AR App For Speech Therapists

    Recent years have seen an increase in the number of speech disorder diagnoses, including minor ones that can be alleviated with timely speech therapy. Anastasia Pivovarova, an ITMO alumna, has developed an interactive AR app to assist speech therapists in their classes with pre-school children. The app is currently undergoing testing at an educational center in St. Petersburg.


  • ITMO Student Makes App to Play Music With Emotions

    Emotion recognition is widely used to monitor the emotional state of drivers, prevent health hazards, or deliver new gaming experiences – but what about art? Can such technologies, say, help musicians compose or improvise? They certainly can, says Garri Proshian, a graduate of ITMO’s Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems, who has created a service that allows you to play musical instruments hands-free, using only your facial expressions. Learn more about his invention in the article.


  • ITMO Scientists Launch App for Meditation Quality Assessment

    A research team from ITMO’s Faculty of Information Technologies and Programming has developed an app that can assist its users in practicing meditation by analyzing their stance, breathing rate, and micromovements. Based on the latest AI technologies, Mindful Relax detects different poses with the help of a smartphone camera.


  • ITMO Student Creates Platform for Finding Team Members for Various Projects

    Smart Family is a new service for building teams and exchanging competencies not only between students but also university graduates, Technopark residents, and participants of ITMO Accelerator. The platform already brought together over a hundred people and several startups, including WeGoTrip, ScanFace, BuildDocs, and others.


  • ITMO Students Release Clubhouse App on Google Play

    The developers claim that their client of the popular social media platform is 40% more efficient than any previous versions. Moreover, its users no longer have to worry about possible blocking and data leaks. Here’s everything you need to know about the app and its features.


  • ITMO Avatar Insights: First Results of Testing and Reviews

    This fall, the ITMO’s Avatar team began beta testing the new app, which involved over 50 people. In this article, you can learn more about the app, the results of testing, and users’ feedback.


  • We Made It in the Spirit of Apple: Former ITMO Student on Revolutionary Translator App

    Arseny Kogan studied applied informatics and mathematics at ITMO’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty. His rocketing career meant that he had to leave university before graduation. His team is currently working on Graspp, an app tailor-made for reading books in a foreign language. To translate a word in this app, you only need to point at it with your finger. This unusual app is already getting publicity in the Russian media, and was featured by the App Store.


  • Love is... Food: How ITMO Students’ New Dating App Firstep Works

    In November, a team from ITMO University released their dating app, Firstep, on AppStore. Said by its authors to be “the most delicious dating app”, it allows users to invite each other to their favorite food spots in just one click. ITMO.NEWS spoke to the project’s founder, Yan Slavkin, about Firstep’s specifics, partnerships with restaurants and cafes, and planned launches in Europe and Asia. 


  • Surprise Me Founder Alexander Golovatiy: Developing a Company Is Constantly Proving Thousands of Hypotheses

    Around three years ago an ITMO alumnus Alexander Golovatiy and his friends founded a startup that enabled users to sell quests of their own creation. Over the years, the project has grown into an online platform where travelers can purchase walking tours created by locals and experts, and do these tours at their own pace using a mobile app. At the beginning of 2019, the company went international, finding its place in the hearts of American users, and now a Spanish version of the service is getting ready for release. ITMO.NEWS got the chance to meet Alexander and ask him what is needed to go from a startup to a successful business.


  • Must-Have for Drivers: New Development by ITMO Scientists Will Make Car Trips Safer

    ITMO University scientists have developed a mobile app that monitors drivers’ condition. When the system detects the signs of sleepiness or inattentiveness, it immediately follows back with recommendations on steps to take to avoid possible collisions. ITMO.NEWS spoke to Alexey Kashevnik, head of the project and associate professor at ITMO’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty, to find out about the challenges encountered by the scientists and their future plans to develop the Drive Safely system.