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  • Carve Your Path in Science: ITMO to Host PI School for Rising Stars

    Within the scope of several days, participants of ITMO PI School: Rising Stars will turn into leaders of research, technological, educational, and engineering projects that will make the core of the university’s transformation into its 2030 vision. Here’s all you need to know about the school’s program and application process. 


  • ITMO University Student Team Becomes All-Round Winner of Moscow Travel Hack

    Representing ITMO at the hackathon were four teams, two of which won in their respective tracks and passed into the finals. One of them, Golden PSZh, became the all-round winner of Russia’s first large-scale hackathon on digitalization in the field of tourism. Right now, the students are in discussions on incorporating their system into a potential customer’s operations. More on the students’ training in the Digital Generation club, the tracks and the solutions, as well as their impressions of the event in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • Helping Those Who Help Others: Final Round of Social Ideas Case Tournament

    St. Petersburg’s Entrepreneurship Center has recently hosted the final round of the Social Ideas Case Tournament. The event brought together students of the city’s colleges and universities, who presented their ideas for socially-oriented companies, while the authors of the best projects participated in the professional congress of entrepreneurs of St. Petersburg, where the winners of the tournament were announced on December 4. Read on to learn more about the social projects presented at the tournament.


  • ITMO University Students at InnoCamp in Finland

    ITMO University offers its students a lot of opportunities for participation in international projects conducted together with the university’s partners. In April 2019, the first round of the InnoCamp project took place in Kouvola (Finland), during which Russian and Finnish students worked together on real-life cases and helped industrial companies develop their business strategies. However, the InnoCamp educational program doesn’t end there and will continue throughout the year.


  • ITMO Students About Hackathon at National Center for Cognitive Technologies

    How to determine users’ gender based on the data garnered via social media websites? How to process meteorological data? How to predict and manage customer outflow with the use of email marketing services? These and other questions were tackled at an interdisciplinary hackathon hosted by the National Center for Cognitive Technologies. Any ITMO University student could take part in the competition. The only condition for participation was a willingness to learn more about artificial intelligence.


  • Forbes Science and Technology Editor on Communicating Research

    Sometimes, scientists believe that communicating with journalists is a waste of time, as their article has already been published in a high-ranking journal, and this means that everyone will learn of it. According to Alexander Baulin, Science and Technology Editor at Forbes, such an approach doesn't always work. During a lecture that took place as part of the "It's Your Call!" winter school organized by ITMO and Sberbank, he spoke about why scientists have to explain their discoveries to the media and what are the proper ways of communicating with journalists. ITMO.NEWS put down the main ideas.


  • Start Your Career in IT: Career Guidance Hackathon at ITMO University

    The IT industry is full of exciting job opportunities for young professionals. To help second-year Bachelor’s students find their career passions, the staff of ITMO’s Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies organized a career guidance hackathon. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, the hackathon’s coordinators share about its program, as well as last year’s most exciting projects.