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  • IT and Chemistry for New Medicine: ITMO Hosts Digital Pharmacology Hackathon

    Recently, ITMO’s Infochemistry Scientific Center, the AI platform Sintelli, and the Moscow Center for Intelligent Healthcare organized a hackathon focused on predictive modeling in digital pharmacology. The participants brainstormed machine learning models that can accelerate the production of novel medicines, reduce their side effects, and, importantly, limit animal testing. Over 100 students from 47 Russian regions joined the contest, with the winners sharing the 1-million-ruble prize and securing their places in the online Master’s program Chemistry Software.


  • Announcing the Upcoming International Conference on Robotization of Chemical Technologies

    On October 21-23, ITMO University will host an international conference on the robotization of chemical technologies that will feature presentations by keynote speakers in infochemistry and сhemical robotization, round-table talks with business representatives, and a school for young scientists on research methods in materials science. The event is organized by ITMO’s Infochemistry Scientific Center and will be held both online and offline.


  • Russian Researchers Suggest Innovative Approach to Production of Microfluidic Modules

    Scientists from ITMO University and the P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute have developed a unique production method for microfluidic modules based on composites of metals and polymers. Upon contact with a module, droplets of liquid flow towards the areas with the smallest wetting angle. Such modules can significantly facilitate the production of biochips, sensors, and medical express tests.


  • ITMO University Earns First Place in Computer Science Ranking

    ITMO University took the first place in computer science and the third place in chemistry and chemical technologies in Expert Analytical Center's subject rankings of Russian universities. The independent ranking focuses on evaluation and assessment of scientific work in universities.