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  • CodeX Team Presents New App for Error Detection in Code

    CodeX was founded in 2015 to help students from ITMO and other universities in St. Petersburg learn how to code, create full-fledged products, and successfully bring them to the market. One of the company’s products is Hawk. Initially meant for internal use, this error tracking app became popular with major media platforms such as TJ,, DTF, and Coub. Here’s everything you need to know about the new app.


  • New Season of CodeX Meetups: Open Lectures and Workshops on Programming, Design, and DevOps

    A team of young engineers, CodeX, driven by the idea of promoting their own open-source products has recently launched a new season of CodeX meetups. In this article, Alexander Menshchikov, the company’s lead developer, speaks about his team, as well as their goals and first meetup in this season.


  • CodeX Founder Petr Savchenko on the Team’s Next-Gen Software Editor.js: Block Editors Are the Future

    Editor.js is a next-gen visual editor developed by the CodeX team. Unlike the majority of its counterparts, it returns clean data output instead of raw HTML-markup, simplifying the process of distributing content over various platforms: the data can be used in web clients, rendered in mobile apps, formatted for Facebook Instant Articles or Google AMP, and even converted to audio. The project’s target audience are modern media and content creators who must keep up with a variety of data platforms simultaneously. We spoke to Petr Savchenko, the founder of CodeX, about what makes Editor.js so special, and how aspiring developers can join the CodeX team.