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  • Yes to New Worlds: ITMO Graduate Nadezhda Bey Opens Her First Personal Exhibition

    Mixed reality, a technological forest, and optical illusions – all that will greet visitors at the immersive exhibition Yes to New Worlds!, authored by Nadezhda Bey, a graduate of ITMO’s Art & Science Master’s program. Read on to learn more about the exhibition.


  • How ITMO Students Created Profitable Businesses in 2 Months

    Within a university competition, ITMO students had two months to devise strategies for using digital transformation to benefit the real estate market. Out of 57 proposals, the university’s lecturers chose the two most thorough business plans, which will receive assistance and become a part of Sberbank’s ecosystem.


  • An Omnipresent Tiger and Collective Fears: ITMO Experts Create Digital Theatrical Sets

    Contemporary theater is more than just the stage and the actors – these days, many productions incorporate various technologies, such as holographic projections. Recently, experts from ITMO have collaborated with stage directors within the project Live Laboratory “Digital Stage” on digital set designs for several plays that premiered at the Lensovet Theatre. In this article, we talk to the creators about the synthesis of high tech and thespian talents on the modern stage. 


  • How Holograms Can Help Preserve Artworks – And Even Restore Those Lost to Time

    Researchers from ITMO have proposed a novel method of art digitalization that utilizes analog holography and photogrammetry to produce more life-like 3D models of objects. Unlike commonly used techniques, the developed method can create highly accurate digital copies of artworks, including those deemed forever lost. The results of the study (part 1 and part 2) were published in Journal of the Optical Society of America A.


  • Digital Ethics, E-Services, and Smart Cities: Highlights of Scientific Conference on Internet and Modern Society

    The XXV International Scientific Conference Internet and Modern Society 2022 (IMS 2022), hosted by ITMO University, brought together Russian and international scientists, as well as government representatives, to discuss different aspects of digitalization and share their views on digital governance, what kinds of e-services can improve the quality of life, and how to help people trust new technologies. Here is a review of the recent event.


  • Digital Services for Medicine: Latest Solutions From the World of IT

    Which information technologies are in demand by the medical industry today? How can medical specialists adapt to foreign companies’ exit from the Russian market? And which domestic medical services are already in development now? These and other topics were covered at the roundtable discussion Digitalization of Medicine. Imports Substitution. Security, organized by ITMO University at the Boiling Point event space as part of the LPM.PRO project. Here are the highlights:  


  • How Reading and Literature Changed in the Digital Age

    What’s been happening to reading habits and literature in the last 15 years? What challenges do publishing houses and authors face in the digital age? How to decide what to read? Galina Yuzefovich, a famous book critic, answered these questions in a lecture as part of a course for the joint Bachelor’s program by New Economics School and Higher School of Economics. ITMO.NEWS prepared a summary of the lecture.


  • New Way to Digitize: ITMO Students and Staff Invited to Take Part in University’s Digital Transformation

    ITMO University is undergoing a digital transformation, and every member of the ITMO.FAMILY can become part of it. If you have an idea on how to improve the university’s digital services or create new platforms and services, submit your project proposal by March 10 through ISU. Such projects will not only help make the university better for all staff and students, but also establish developer teams, provide them with funding, and expand their portfolios. Andrey Lyamin, the head of ITMO University’s Open Education Department, elaborates on the goals of the digital transformation initiative, how to take part in the project contest, and which kinds of projects are more likely to win.


  • Smart Cities, Robot Bureaucrats: Japanese Digitalization Expert on Building the Right Kind of Society 5.0

    In recent years, Japan has been moving in the direction of creating a new strategy of socio-economic relations and cultural development of the country. Dubbed Society 5.0, the strategy puts an emphasis on the proliferation of high technology in all spheres of life. At the end of January, St. Petersburg welcomed a leading Japanese expert in the field of digitalization – Toshiyuki Zamma, Executive Advisor to Government CIO (Government of Japan Chief Information Officer). In his lecture, which took place at ITMO University, the expert spoke about the successes Japan managed to achieve in integrating high technology in different spheres of society, and also tried to warn about the problems and pitfalls awaiting the society and government on this uneasy path. 


  • Data Science for Culture, Toxicity, and New Perception of Time: Researchers of New Media Discuss Trends in Digital World

    Last week, an open plenary discussion on data, digitized culture and digital society took place as part of the interdisciplinary conference EVA 2019 and the Information Society and Technology Week. Experts in the field of Digital Humanities discussed new research projects and challenges. The event’s special guest was Lev Manovich, a theoretician of new media and digital culture and a professor of Computer Science at City University of New York.