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  • Student Spotlight: Zana Sherwani, Iraqi Kurdistan

    Zana has always been passionate about computers and gaming since his childhood. As he grew up, he turned his passion into his career. He is also involved with numerous charitable foundations to help those in need. This is his first time in St. Petersburg during the winter. Let’s find out how he has been coping with the weather and enjoying his time here. 


  • EduStars Winner Alexander Trifanov on His Career Path and the Importance of Challenging Students

    ITMO.NEWS continues to share the stories of the EduStars winners by presenting the third star of the series – Alexander Trifanov, an associate professor at ITMO’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics. In this article, Alexander speaks about his career path and goals, as well as explains why teachers should challenge their students more and why your work should also be your hobby.


  • Students of ITMO and Gazprom Neft Joint Program on Their Specialization

    In 2020, ITMO’s Center for Chemical Engineering introduced the Bioeconomics and Resource Management program for Master’s students. One of its specializations, Modern Aspects of Oil and Gas Engineering, is implemented within the framework of Gazprom Neft Corporate University’s program and League of Universities, initiatives focused on collaboration with Russia’s leading universities.


  • Top Graduate Mikhail Kolesnikov: Living Life to the Full as a Student

    Mikhail Kolesnikov is a technology enthusiast and inventor, who graduated from the Master’s program Digital Transformation Strategies and Technologies. In this interview, he shares how he started turning his house into a smart home while still at school, why he chose ITMO, and how he founded his own company.


  • ITMO in Top-Three of Potanin Foundation Scholarship Contest

    Almost 60 ITMO University students have received this year’s Potanin Foundation Scholarship. Thus, the university came third behind St. Petersburg State University and Lomonosov Moscow State University. The students will receive a monthly stipend of 25,000 rubles until the end of their Master’s studies. We talked to the winners about their achievements in research and beyond, discussed the qualities that helped them seize victory, and asked them for advice to anyone wishing to take part in the contest next year. 


  • How to Organize Teamwork and Avoid Conflicts: Tips by an ITMO Graduate

    As part of the Creating a Technology Business course, Viktor Viktorov, an ITMO graduate and a development director of the Crystal Service Integration company, shared his experience in managing both small and large teams.


  • ITMO's Soft Skills Module: Students Share Their Experiences

    It’s been three years since ITMO University introduced the Soft Skills module in its Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. Today, it offers a wide range of disciplines – from personal efficiency and time management to conflict resolution. ITMO.NEWS met with students to learn more about what they have learned during the courses and how they apply it in their daily lives.


  • From Graduates to Students: New Internship Opportunities

    The travel tech company founded by ITMO graduates invites students to experience a new internship format and try their hand at starting a project from scratch with the help of qualified mentors.


  • ITMO Graduate ‪Andrei Gorodetsky on His Career, European Science, and Work in Different Countries

    Andrei Gorodetsky received his PhD degree at ITMO’s Faculty of Photonics and Optical Information in 2010. Now, he works at the University of Birmingham and continues to supervise projects at ITMO University.


  • Keeping the Balance Between Creativity and Technology: Ekaterina Doronina on Her Path to Self-Discovery

    In this ITMO.NEWS interview, Ekaterina Doronina shares her thoughts on how to become an interdisciplinary designer, do an internship at the Alexandrinsky Theatre, work on major projects for museums, and find yourself.