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  • Why This Period of Self Isolation is Good for Us

    This spring, all of us have experienced something unusual for the first time — we were all obliged to stay home and reduce our external contact with the world. We all had to learn to spend time with ourselves and/or with those who we live with. A challenging task, I agree, but let’s look at the bright sides!


  • Three Places Near ITMO To Eat On A Budget

    Students spend a lot of time at universities and they often have to replenish their energy reserves during the day. As scholarships are not really high, students need a place where they can eat on a budget between classes. Read on to find out about some nice places to check out near ITMO building on Lomonosova street.


  • Indulgence and Nutrition — What to Eat in Belgium

    Disclaimer: the author is not responsible for one’s accidental feeling of hunger and impulse to buy tickets to Belgium.