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  • More Than ESP: From the Classroom to the Workplace

    ITMO University has recently hosted the fourth international More than ESP conference. The purpose of the conference is to promote and explore the field of English for Specific Purposes (ESP) as well as other cutting-edge areas of English language learning. For the first time in its history, the event was held entirely online.


  • Russian Language Summer School: Behind the Curtain

    After asking students about their experience of learning the Russian language we decided to take a peek behind the scenes and ask the teachers about their experiences teaching the Russian language to foreign students. 


  • EMI Professional Development Course Launched at ITMO

    For a few years now, the Foreign Language Training Center at ITMO has been offering free English language courses for all staff. Last September, a special course was launched for lecturers of all subjects who are currently teaching or plan to teach in English, to learn more about how to use English as a medium of instruction (EMI). 


  • English at ITMO: From ABC to ESP

    In the first part of our article, we talked about how English at ITMO has developed over the past few years since the start of Project 5-100. Beyond the intensive general English classes offered, third year students are now offered special classes to help them develop their language skills in the context of their chosen educational program.


  • Unexpected Russia: Interview with Chris Hastings

    This weekend we say goodbye to our English language fellow from the United States, Dr. Chris Hastings. After two years in Russia at ITMO University, he shares with us what brought him to St. Petersburg, some of his highlights of living in Russia, and what it was like working here.


  • What is EMI? Tips and Tools

    These days many educational programs in universities are offered in English and ITMO University is no exception to this trend. The university’s Foreign Language Training Center has organized a series of workshops on English Medium Instruction (EMI). On June 21, the Center’s tutors Maryam Reyhani and Aleksandra Shparberg spoke about EMI, what makes it different from teaching students in their first language (L1) and how one should teach students whose mother tongue is not English.


  • Carving Your Niche

    Of Russian descent, raised in Israel, and after having spent her youth in Canada, Nelly, with a background in history and fine arts returned to us as a native English teacher at ITMO University.


  • From Lagos to St. Petersburg

    One of ITMO’s most beloved and well-known native English speakers is Chineye Osuoha, more affectionately known as Jayjay. He makes frequent appearances in ITMO photographs and advertisements and having already taught for four years both staff and students of the University, he is already a household name. 


  • We Are the Champions: ITMO’s English Courses at "Sirius" Center for Talented Children

    The November session at the Sirius educational center for talented children is going full blast. Three weeks every month, its students work on projects and participate in workshops under the supervision of Russia's leading scientists, artists, musicians and experts in other fields. This time ITMO University that already organized one the project sessions for the center, takes up a new role and conducts courses in English.


  • How an American Ended Up Teaching at ITMO University

    Avoiding jellied meat, enjoying drinks made from bread, and drinking starbucks in St. Petersburg. Meet Joshua Schiefelbein. Born in South Carolina, Joshua spent his first few years in Germany, then moved back to the U.S. living in several different cities until he finally made his way to St. Petersburg, Russia where he now resides. So what brings this enthusiastic young American to our beautiful rainy city?