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  • Beyond St. Petersburg: A Hidden Gem of Gatchina

    The Priory Palace is one of the lesser famous sites of Gatchina, St. Petersburg’s biggest suburban city and the capital of the Leningrad Oblast. Often overlooked due to its small size and location, it is yet a wonderful place to visit. 


  • ITMO Students to Run for Light Nights Competition

    The call for applications for the International Competition of Light Installations, Video Art, and Videomapping is now open. The expert board will select 20 winners who will create their art projects at an art residence and present them at the Light Nights Festival in Gatchina, Leningrad Oblast. One of the event’s partners is ITMO’s Creative Lighting Department. As in previous years, ITMO Master’s students will compete for the right to perform at the festival.


  • 2019 Light Nights in Gatchina: Projects by ITMO Participants

    On August 16-17, 2019, the annual international festival of light art “Light Nights in Gatchina” took place at the Gatchina Palace and Estate Museum. Each year, the festival brings together students of Russian and international universities, artists, designers, multimedia professionals and creative collectives and design studios from Russia, Europe and beyond. 2019 has been the third year that the students of ITMO University’s Master’s program “Lighting Design” participate in the official selection of the international festival. This year, it was ITMO’s students Lyubov Angelova, Mikhail Andreev, and graduate Valeria Molodovskaya that took part in the event’s art residency. 


  • Schrödinger’s Paradox and Doctor Faustus’ Lab: the Many Faces of “Gatchina Light Nights”

    This weekend, Gatchina hosted “Gatchina Light Nights ”, the 5th international festival of light art. Annually attended by thousands of people, this year’s event was even more special as for the first time ever, it lasted not one day, but two. Audiences were presented with more than 30 unique light art objects made by Russian and international artists, architects, as well as lighting and stage designers. Keeping to the tradition, an international competition of light installations was held as part of the festival. It featured two light installations created by students of ITMO University’s Department of Creative Lighting Design.


  • Rain Falling Upwards and “Critique of Pure Reason”: a Guide to “Gatchina Lightnights”

    On August 10-11, Gatchina will host the Lightnights international festival of light art. 37 art objects designed by artists from Russia, Belarus, Germany, Italy, and Finland will be presented at the festival. Master’s students from ITMO’s Department of Creative Lighting Design will also take part in the event. Rain going upside down, rethinking of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, and many other stunning art objects by designers and architects from all over the world. Don’t miss out on the fun!


  • The Night of Light: Gatchina Hosts International Light Art Festival

    This year marks the fourth time that the Night of Light took place in Gatchina; yet, this time was special - the event has changed its format and grew into a full-fledged Light Art festival. 14 light installations from the festival's contestants and more than twenty exhibits of the non-competition program were placed all around Gatchina's Palace Park. ITMO University's Higher School of Light Design acted as the festival's partner and submitted four of its projects for the unique festival.


  • “Night of Light” in Gatchina

    On the night of August 12 to August 13, the “Night of Light” will be held in the town of Gatchina. This year the event will expand significantly and turn into a full-fledged festival of light art. The territory of the Gatchina State Museum-Reserve will be home to 20 light installations by participants from Russia and Lithuania; 20 more installations will be presented outside of the main competition. This year’s theme is “Laboratory of Dreams”. Students from ITMO’s Higher School of Lighting Design will present three projects at the festival; their works are included in the short-list for the light installation competition that will be held during the event. We talked to the teams to learn more about their projects and find out about their meaning and structure.


  • Hidden Treasures of Saint Petersburg — Gatchina

    Gatchina is the largest town in Leningrad Region, one of its cultural, industrial and educational centers (Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute and Radium Institute, as well as other important educational establishments are located there). More than anything, Gatchina is famous for its history and sights — once an attempt at creating Russia’s exemplary town, it is still proud of its heritage. Its main attraction are parks, especially the Palace park beside the Gatchina Grand Palace — built in neoclassical style, it’s a monument from Paul I’s reign who tried to make Gatchina the permanent residence of Russian Emperors.