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  • Resident of ITMO Technopark Included in Top-3 of SLUSH Festival

    The SLUSH festival, one of the biggest startup events in Europe, has recently ended in Helsinki, Finland. Several of ITMO University’s Technopark residents took part in the event. For them, it was an opportunity to present their projects, attract potential investors and familiarize themselves with their counterparts’ work. A total of three companies collaborating with ITMO University received awards from the jury. Read on to learn more about the festival and why it is important for startups to participate in such events.


  • Do It Yourself: Citizen-Led City Planning

    Thanks to social media, people can easily discuss problems, organize events, and even influence the political decision-making process. Citizens don’t want to be silent anymore, as they start seeing their cities as platforms for communication, creative work, and business. Urbanist and popular blogger Timo Hämäläinen, whose blog ‘From Rurban to Urban’ was rated among the best in its category by The Guardian, talked about urban development in Finland during the Geography for Everyone summer school that took place at ITMO University.


  • Sliding Trams, Sea Breeze, and Art Nouveau: Exploring Helsinki

    Modern, compact, and very green, Helsinki is the closest European capital to Russia and a nice place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of St. Petersburg!


  • Travel Tips: St. Petersburg to Finland

    When St. Petersburg was founded three centuries ago, Tsar Peter the Great envisioned it as a bridge between his country and Europe. Even today, St. Petersburg is likely the most international city of Russia, and it is a great starting point for journeys to its neighboring countries. In our series “Window to Europe”, we will examine the many places you can visit from St. Petersburg, suitable for both weekend trips and longer journeys. In this first article, we’ll be looking at Finland – our closest neighbor both geographically and at heart.


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