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  • ITMO Team Takes Gold at ICPC Northern Eurasia Finals 2023

    The Northern Eurasia Finals of ICPC, the semifinals of the world’s largest collegiate programming contest, concluded on December 13. The team from ITMO University took the third place (equivalent to a gold medal as per ICPC rules) and will now represent their region in the international finals, set to take place in September 2024 in Astana (Kazakhstan).


  • Student Spotlight: Rahim Hakimov, Tajikistan

    ITMO’s unmatched success at ICPC inspires many youngsters to take up coding. Today, we’ll talk to someone who has not only made coding his vocation but also represented ITMO at the highest level. Meet Rahim Hakimov, a 20-year-old student from Tajikistan who is also a software engineer at Yandex. Thanks to his passion for coding, he has begun his career in big tech before even having graduated! Learn about Rahim’s incredible feats at ITMO in today's student spotlight.


  • ITMO Team Wins Gold at ICPC Northern Eurasia Finals

    Today, December 7, marked the finals of the Northern Eurasia leg of ICPC – the international collegiate programming contest. Team pengzoo from ITMO University took fourth place in the competition, scoring a gold medal alongside other winners. Now, they will represent their region in the 2022/2023 finals.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #4

    In this edition of our bi-weekly news digest, we’ve got: new MRI technology, a novel nanobot project that seeks to replace PCR testing, scientific success stories from ITMO’s finest, and, of course, the launch of our 2022 admissions campaign! Read on to learn more.


  • ITMO.EduStars Winner and ICPC Star Coach Andrey Stankevich on Finding His Calling

    Andrey Stankevich got into programming when he was still in school; in the 90s, before he even had his own computer, he already read computer science books and took computer classes. As a student at ITMO, he twice became the winner of ICPC, the world’s most prestigious programming competition. After graduating and becoming a lecturer, he took up coaching. Under his leadership, ITMO University’s team became the world’s only seven-time ICPC champion. We spoke to Andrey to find out about the differences between academic teaching and coaching, getting students to engage with complex topics, and why teaching is more than a vocation.


  • ITMO University Takes Silver at ICPC Northern Eurasia Finals

    During this week’s ICPC Northern Eurasia Finals, a team from ITMO University placed fifth overall and joined others who will represent the region during the global finals in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


  • I Am a Professional: Tips From Former Winner of Programming & IT Track

    The fifth season of the I am a Professional contest welcomed more than 600,000 students from all over Russia. This year’s participants have already embarked on the tasks of the qualifying round. The ongoing competition offers 72 tracks, with Programming & IT organized by ITMO being the most popular one among students in St. Petersburg. Read on to learn the success story of last year’s winner in the track.


  • You’re All Winners: Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin Congratulates ICPC Winners

    Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin and St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov congratulated the ITMO team on their recent victory at the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC).


  • ITMO Wins Gold at ICPC Finals

    The final results of the International Collegiate Programming Contest – ICPC World Finals Moscow have been announced. ITMO University was represented by the Standard Deviation team – this time, Gennady Korotkevich, a PhD student of ITMO University and one of the most prominent programmers in the world, took part in the contest as a coach, not a team member.


  • Inside ICPC: Guide to the Largest and Most Prestigious Programming Contest

    The ICPC World Finals starts today in Moscow. The world’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious programming contest will bring together students from over 42 countries. Russia will be represented by fifteen teams, including ITMO students. All contestants will meet in Moscow to compete for the title of the best programmers in the world.