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  • How to Launch an IT Startup

    According to a VK Business survey conducted in 2019, almost two-thirds of Russians would like to open a business. At the same time, more than half of the respondents were sure that it’s not an easy thing to do. It makes sense, as 64% of Russian startuppers have a negative experience in business, according to research by the Startup Barometer company held in 2018. However, an aspiring entrepreneur is more likely to succeed if they know what a business project is and how to approach it. That’s why ITMO.NEWS together with ITMO’s Technopark and ITMO Accelerator have compiled some advice on what prospective entrepreneurs should keep in mind.


  • ITMO Scientists Launch App for Meditation Quality Assessment

    A research team from ITMO’s Faculty of Information Technologies and Programming has developed an app that can assist its users in practicing meditation by analyzing their stance, breathing rate, and micromovements. Based on the latest AI technologies, Mindful Relax detects different poses with the help of a smartphone camera.


  • ITMO Student Artur Shaikhatarov on Helping People with Special Needs

    Artur Shaikhatarov started to work on a mobile app for the deaf-blind back when he was a school student in Ufa, in the Russian republic of Bashkortostan. Now, he studies at ITMO University, and his invention has brought the attention of the Russian MChS and the International Paralympic Committee. ITMO.NEWS met with Artur to learn more about why he decided to work on this project, how he plans to provide the deaf-blind with useful equipment, and whether he expects to see his app at the Paralympic Games.


  • ITMO Student Creates Platform for Finding Team Members for Various Projects

    Smart Family is a new service for building teams and exchanging competencies not only between students but also university graduates, Technopark residents, and participants of ITMO Accelerator. The platform already brought together over a hundred people and several startups, including WeGoTrip, ScanFace, BuildDocs, and others.


  • ITMO Students Release Clubhouse App on Google Play

    The developers claim that their client of the popular social media platform is 40% more efficient than any previous versions. Moreover, its users no longer have to worry about possible blocking and data leaks. Here’s everything you need to know about the app and its features.


  • ITMO Graduate Stanislav Krasnoyarov’s Journey From a Full-Time Employee to His Own Business

    After studying at ITMO University in the early 2000s, Stanislav Krasnoyarov worked his way up from a full-time IT specialist to the founder of his own business. ITMO.NEWS talked to him about entrepreneurship as a never-ending series of challenges and the best way to improve yourself.


  • ITMO University Students Launch a Digital Medicine Project

    The Lotos project is a service that allows you to compare the prices of medical tests at different St. Petersburg laboratories, create your own procedure package, and access it at a reduced price. In this article, Nikolay Polovnev, one of the project’s founders, talks about the idea behind the service, its future functions, and monetization model.


  • Venture Investment: What It Is and How to Work With It

    We’ve written down the main talking points of a webinar on collaborating with venture funds for beginners.


  • ITMO University Graduate Stepan Rakitin on Making a Career in IT and Working at a Startup

    Stepan Rakitin graduated from ITMO’s Master’s program in Big Data and Machine Learning in 2018, and then spent two years working as a Java developer at the largest European startup in fintech. These days, he lives in Berlin and holds a job at an American platform for data science. ITMO.NEWS got in touch with Stepan to ask him about making a career in IT, the unique features of studying at ITMO and the reasons for choosing a startup instead of a major corporation.