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  • ITMO Graduate Andrey Nikolaev on Patent Landscape and His Career in Academia and Industry

    Andrey Nikolaev graduated from ITMO University with a Specialist’s degree in Customs Affairs and then a PhD in Economics and Management. His goal was to become a professor and researcher in the field of intellectual property.


  • FAQ: Registering Ownership And Protecting Intellectual Property

    Intellectual property and the many issues connected with it are receiving a lot of coverage these days. A court in China has even ruled that an AI-created text had to be protected by copyright. Until neural networks have learned to write their own research papers, it is the scientists themselves who have to protect their work from the hands of their less trustworthy colleagues. ITMO.NEWS got in touch with Yulia Lyubchenko and Anastasia Makarova, specialists from ITMO’s Office for Legal Support of Activities in the Fields of Information, Science and Technology, to answer the most frequently asked questions about copyright and patent laws in science.


  • IPChain Hackathon: How to Manage Intellectual Property from a Smartphone

    IT products and services are one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing markets. Sophisticated and effective solutions in the field of software development are as valuable and sought-after as ever. But authors of such solutions don’t often think about their rights to the intellectual property they created, and the issue of exercising these rights is almost never on the cards. In a bid to modernize the sphere of software development, the IPChain Association joined forces with ITMO University to host a hackathon for developing the best mobile app for mathematicians and programmers intended to bring about radical simplification of managing intellectual property rights on algorithms and elements of software code.


  • KonFest 2018: Experts on Development of K2B Market

    The development of digital intelligence, Big Data analysis and sharing services will soon bring radical change to the B2B market. How one can prepare for these changes and what has to be done in the educational system in this regard was discussed by the market's major players during the KonFest 2018 business conference which took place at the Erarta contemporary art museum on November 16-17.


  • Days of Intellectual Property: How to Patent One’s Invention in the 21st Century

    In 2017, the Days of Intellectual Property gathered together experts in the field of intellectual property, researchers, entrepreneurs and talented developers who are discussing how to protect one’s software code and how to teach young inventors how to deal with Intellectual Property basics. This year the gathering is taking place in St. Petersburg from April 18-26, supported by ITMO University.