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  • InfoWatch President Natalya Kaspersky: New Technologies Pose Cybersecurity Threats

    New technology is being released every day, which makes it hard for cybersecurity experts to calculate potential risks. Seduced by new technologies like Internet of Things and Blockchain, we forget about the most important thing when it comes to information technology: its security. Everything is under threat today: from smartphones to control systems for nuclear power plants. Natalya Kaspersky, President of InfoWatch Group, attended the formal opening of ITMO-InfoWatch center. During an open lecture at ITMO University, she spoke about the challenges facing information security specialists and what ordinary users can do to protect themselves.


  • ITMO Grad's Journey From Student to Kaspersky Lab Developer

    A high school student from a distant town can enroll at a prestigious university - just by winning an academic competition; and later get a job at a high-profile company - just after an hour and a half phone interview. These were the two major turning points in life of ITMO alum Alexander Dudinsky. He works at Kaspersky Lab now as a Senior Developer at the Testing Department. Dudinsky told ITMO.NEWS how a large IT company works, what skills IT newbies are lacking, and why getting a job at a high-profile company is easier than it seems.