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  • Making Sense of the Russian Grading System

    Are you an international student hoping to get your degree in Russia? Prepare for your studies abroad by discovering features of the local grading system compared to others around the world!


  • Moving to St. Petersburg: Your Day One Digest

    Relocating to a new country is like stepping into the unknown – and we totally get that. In an attempt to take some weight off your shoulders, we present to you our brief yet comprehensive “day one” digest on life in St. Petersburg. 


  • Beyond Coffee: Unique Drinks Worth Trying

    It seems the world belongs to coffee lovers: their favorite drink is served on every corner and in all sizes and kinds: hot and cold, sweet and bitter. But what are the other options? Learn in our caffeine-free (or almost) overview.


  • Rostov-on-Don: Sunshine, Spacious Streets, and History at Every Corner

    A city of seemingly permanent summer, contrasts, friendly cats, bustling energy, and abundant history, Rostov-on-Don is bound to have a special place in your heart.


  • Music Streaming Services to Use in Russia

    With some of the major streaming services leaving the market, what are the current ways to keep enjoying your favorite tracks? Find out in our article.


  • Renting an Apartment in St. Petersburg: My Personal Experience

    Looking for a place to rent in St. Petersburg? This isn’t our first article on the topic. In fact, we’ve already written about how to search for an apartment and what to consider when choosing one. This time we’re going to dive into my personal experience from last summer, when I went looking for a new place to live.


  • Must-Have Apps in Russia

    Whether you’re coming to Russia for the first time or have been here a while, there are several essential apps that will make your life here smoother and easier.


  • Typical Russian Student’s Monthly Budget in 2022

    Curious to learn how much students spend in a month in Russia? We asked our students about their spending habits and typical budgeting categories. Here’s all you need to know when planning your monthly expenses.


  • Learning Russian: International Students’ Insights

    Although native Russian speakers can never relate to how hard it can be to learn their mother tongue, our international students do! Moreover, they not only struggle but also succeed. For this article, we asked them to share their top tips and useful resources that’ll make your path to mastering Russian fun and comprehensive.


  • 6 Unexpectedly Cool Things About Living in Russia

    From fast trains to online banking – here’s our guide to the advantages of life in Russia inspired by international experience.