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  • What To See at ITMO’s Museum of Optics This Winter Break

    The building located on Birzhevaya Liniya 14 has a rich history: in the early 1860s, it was owned by the Eliseevsky merchant dynasty, and since the 1920s, it has housed a state optical institution, where a graduate of ITMO University recorded the first-ever 3D art hologram. The structure now houses ITMO's Museum of Optics – the first university-based interactive museum that not only introduces visitors to cultural heritage items but also lets them practically feel the magic of science. Here are the top exhibits to see at the museum.


  • ITMO Summer Courses: Teachers Share Their Experiences Part 1

    In summertime, ITMO University holds short-term intensive courses for school students under the aegis of ITMO.START. These summer schools are a great chance to explore fields that are actively pursued at the university.


  • A Geek’s Guide to St. Petersburg: Where to Eat, Shop, and Play

    Whatever your flavor of Geek is – graphic novels, TV shows, board and video games, or science – St. Petersburg, believe it or not, has something up your alley. Embrace your inner nerd and meet like-minded people at the city’s finest spots with our ultimate geek guide overflowing with popular stores, cool museums, and themed pizzerias. It’s time to take a slice and geek out!


  • ITMO University Students and Graduates Create an Art Project at the Museum of Optics

    A Journey to the World of Optics is a creative collaboration between different generations and departments of ITMO University. In the year of the university’s anniversary, its students, graduates, and researchers created a video that expresses the values of ITMO, as well as its love for science and art.


  • Daniil Sharov on Being a Physicist and a Science Communicator

    Daniil Sharov received his Bachelor’s degree as a teacher of physics, but decided to continue his studies after graduation and got into ITMO’s Master’s program in science communication. These days, he is working at ITMO University’s Museum of Optics, teaching at ITMO.KIDS while also developing a system for evaluating the efficiency of exhibitions at science museums. Read on to learn how Daniil manages to combine his research with doing PR in science, while also succeeding at both teaching and doing his own studies. 


  • ITMO University’s Museum of Optics and the Magic of Light

    Last weekend, I visited ITMO University’s Museum of Optics to get a grasp of what the future has in store – and I wasn’t disappointed. From ultra-realistic holograms to traditional optical illusions, it’s art meets science meets inspiration.


  • ITMO Researchers Create Optoclones of Unique Historical Treasures from the Russian Diamond Fund

    ITMO University, the Hellenic Institute of Holography and Gokhran Russia have collaborated on a unique collection of optoclones of unique historical treasures from the Russian Diamond Fund and the State Fund of Precious Metals and Stones. Preserved as holograms, these items have not lost a bit of their volume and luxury. Sergei Stafeev, the scientific curator of ITMO’s Museum of Optics, tells us how these copies were made and where they’ll be on display.


  • New Semester At The Children's University

    It is the start of the spring semester of the Children's University - an educational project for primary and secondary school students. Up until the mid-May, lecturers from leading educational establishments, including ITMO University, will train its participants on a weekly basis. Some of the educators who have already tried themselves as lecturers for the project shared about how it helps get children involved in science.