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  • A New Way to Measure Particles: ITMO Scientists Develop Electrodynamic Trap

    Physicists from ITMO University have suggested an approach that allows them to simultaneously measure several characteristics of any microparticle – their size, mass, charge, and density. In order to test this method, they placed silica microparticles in an electrodynamic trap where they moved along a specific orbit that served as an indicator of their properties. The novel method demonstrates the precision of the more conventional approaches, which means that it can find its applications in materials science, chemistry, biology, and medicine.


  • Carbon Dots and Solar Cells: Best Graduation Papers Among ITMO Students

    The research papers of students at ITMO’s Faculty of Photonics and Optical Information were named best in the category Photonics, Instrumentation, Optical Biotechnical Systems, and Technologies. They told ITMO.NEWS about their research projects and their potential development.


  • Picture of the Week: AgInS Quantum Dots in CaCO3 Calcite Phase

    These structures can become an alternative to semiconductor cadmium nanocrystals, which will allow using them as a transport system for drug delivery. They make it possible for substances to reach their target locations without affecting the cells, organs, and tissues that they shouldn’t.


  • Picture of the Week: Luminescent Image of Carbon Dot Layer

    For over 15 years, scientists have been exploring the nature of carbon dot emission, and this image illustrates the relationship between the emission intensity and the concentration of particles in the dry layer.


  • Picture of the Week: An Atomic Force Microscope Celebrates Halloween

    The picture shows the probe of an atomic force microscope seen through a secondary optical microscope.