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  • ITMO Staff Develop Cloud Platform for Virtual Labs

    The platform will allow students to perform their lab projects online and professors – to create hybrid laboratories based on real and virtual equipment, as well as automate the process of issuing and checking of students’ assignments.


  • ITMO Technopark Resident Creates a Sophisticated Distance Learning System

    The system designed by Orbi Prime includes a mobile and web application, as well as a special phone stand for handwritten data input.


  • ITMO University Transferring Students to Distance Learning Until February 6

    As a means of preventing the spread of the coronavirus infection, the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education has made a decision to transfer all universities in Moscow and St. Petersburg to distance learning until the end of the semester – February 6, 2021. An associated decree was published on November 11. ITMO University will conduct its educational activities online with the use of distance learning technologies. The order signed by Vladimir Vasilyev, Rector of ITMO University, as well as sanitary and epidemiological requirements, are available here (in Russian).


  • 100+ ITMO Teaching Staff Receive Professional Development Certificates as ITMO.EXPERT Course Wraps Up

    Over the course of a week, participants of the intensive course attended lectures given by top experts, learned about useful online teaching tools, shared life hacks and techniques with others, and tested them “in the wild.”


  • New Academic Year Begins at ITMO: What to Expect (Pt. II)

    The new academic year at ITMO University begins on September 1, 2020. Classes will take place in the blended format – both on-site and via remote technologies. What is distance learning? How can you opt for it? The university’s Department of Academic Affairs has prepared answers to questions commonly asked by students and staff. Find the first part of this article here.


  • Not a New Format, but a New Form of Communication: ITMO Teaching Staff on Distance Learning

    During a recent discussion organized by ITMO’s Department of Academic Affairs, members of teaching staff discussed how the university and its departments handled the spring semester’s distance learning format and highlighted its drawbacks and advantages.


  • Five Tips to Help You Stay Productive With Online Learning

    ITMO University students have now spent more than a month as online learners. In these new circumstances, it's important not only to adjust to a new schedule, but to remain physically active, as well. How do you do that and remain productive while staying home? ITMO.NEWS and the Student Services Office answer these questions in this new illustrated series. These tips are sure to come in handy in the future, too; after all, experts are saying that online classes and digital solutions are only going to become more prevalent.


  • Online vs Offline: How to Find Common Ground With Students as a Teacher

    How do you capture the students’ attention in a Zoom class? How do you collect useful feedback? And what’s the best way to deal with conflicts? A webinar titled “Issues in Teacher-Student Communication Online and Offline” recently took place as part of the ITMO.Expert professional development program. Vera Shavrina, a psychologist at ITMO University’s Center for Inclusive Education, explained how to establish communication with students during online classes, maintain their interest in the subject, and successfully handle any emerging conflicts.