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  • Must-Read Russian Books for Learners of Any Level

    One of the best ways to build fluency in a foreign language and gain a deeper understanding of the culture is by immersing yourself in its literature in its original form, and Russian is no exception. For this article, we’ve reached out to the teachers of ITMO’s Foreign Language Training Center for their reading recommendations, from renowned classics to modern fiction. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, we’ve got something for everyone!


  • Best Books to Read This Winter Break

    When it’s cold outside and the sun is a rare visitor, what better activity could there be than reading a great book in the comfort of your home? It’s the perfect way to travel – over any distance and without any tickets. With the help of our ITMO Library, we’ve put together this quick list of the best wintertime reads for every taste.


  • In the Footsteps of the Great: Pushkin Places in St. Petersburg

    St. Petersburg has always attracted talent. Great thinkers, artists, and scientists lived and worked in the Northern Capital, each leaving their unique mark. Learning about them can give you a whole new perspective of the city, as well as a better understanding of Russian culture. We’ll start with Alexander Pushkin – the country’s most famous poet.


  • 5 Classic Russian Plays You Should Know

    Apart from novels and poems, Russian literature can boast a myriad of other poetic and literary gems, with plays being no less popular or beloved. To get you familiar with the genre, here are the top five plays that every Russian knows – and can even give you a quote or two.


  • 5 Unique Characters in Russian Literature

    From living statues to fluffy misfits and creatures of no breed, Russian literature can boast a great collection of characters that will leave you in awe – akin to those coming from abroad.


  • A Guide to Writers’ Apartment-Museums in St. Petersburg

    Have you ever enjoyed a book so much you wanted to pay the author a visit or even walk in their footsteps? In St. Petersburg, it’s only a matter of your free time – some of the literary locations are just around the corner from ITMO campuses!


  • Golden Age of Russian Literature, Part Two: The Masters

    Tolstoy or Dostoevsky? Picking your favorite Russian literary genius might be an impossible task, but learning about them is sure to expand your horizons. Get ready for our second story on the most prominent Russian authors of the 19th century. 


  • Golden Age of Russian Literature, Part One: Pioneers

    You might’ve heard the 19th century referred to as the Golden Age of Russian literature. What does it mean and how can you start exploring this magnificent slice of Russian culture?


  • From Sci-Fi to Real-Life: Five Predictions on the Future of Technologies

    When such words as smartphones, 3D printing, and quantum computing were yet alien concepts and humans could only dream of stepping on the Moon and exploring the other worlds with the blessing of science, virtuosos of words found a way to glimpse into the future. From translation robots and high-tech gadgetry to space flights and artificial food – here’s a list of five books that foresaw the future even better than The Simpsons.


  • A Guide to the World of Science Fiction

    Isaac Asimov, Stanisław Lem, Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, Robert Heinlein, Liu Cixin – the list of sci-fi writers goes on and on. But how can you start your journey to the world of science fiction without getting lost? What is the importance of books in our life? And is it possible to become a genius by reading science fiction? During an online meeting, Olga Lakhtacheva, curator of the LUFF fantasy and science fiction club, and Maria Andreyanova, a popularizer of Ray Bradbury's work and an employee of the library named after Alexander Griboyedov answered these and many other questions.