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  • Science Is Fun: All About the Fifth Quantum Potential, ITMO’s Science Stand-Up Show

    The “Kosmonavt” club once again turned into a haven for intellectual stand-up enthusiasts, who came to the latest installment of “Quantum Potential”. Business, IT, Big Data, a scientist’s imagination and the future of science were some of the topics on the table. The limelight, however, was on jokes and stories, as well as four professional scientists, two stand-up comedians and over 300 guests. Read on for the best puns and discussions heard on the show.


  • ITMO University Specialists Create AR Objects for 2019 St. Petersburg Open Tennis Tournament

    On September 16-22, St. Petersburg hosted the 24th international tennis tournament ATP 250 St. Petersburg Open. In addition to exciting sports matches, its spectators could enjoy augmented reality imagery created by ITMO University specialists. ITMO.NEWS spoke with the team to learn more about their successes and the challenges of developing AR for this project.


  • ITMO University Specialists Develop AR Solution for the Second European Games in Minsk

    On June 21-30, Minsk (Belarus) hosted the second European Games, large-scale sports games with participants from over 40 countries. The opening and closing ceremonies included comprehensive immersion in augmented reality via the simultaneous use of mobile devices, information screens on the stadium and live TV broadcasts. The AR elements of the show were developed by ITMO University’s Laboratory of Interactive Visualization. Here is more on the work conducted by the unit. 


  • Green Icebergs, Planet Nine, and End of Opportunity Rover: Top Science News of 2019 So Far

    Last week, the St. Petersburg’s Atomic Energy Information Center hosted the 7th discussion about the latest trends in science and technology. The event brought together leading science communicators in the field of cosmonautics, chemistry and physics, including Mikhail Kurushkin, an associate professor at ITMO University ChemBio Cluster, Dmitriy Epstein, a researcher at the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mathematics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Pavel Piskarev, the chief designer at the Research Institute of Electrophysical Facilities and a coordinator at ITER. ITMO.NEWS publishes the highlights of the discussion.