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  • Antivirus Invention by Scientists of ITMO’s ChemBio Cluster Soon to Appear in Shops

    A unique virus and bacteria inhibitor, Blocker has become the first product released by Inno-Colloids, a small innovative enterprise based at ITMO University. Soon, it can be found on the shelves of the supermarket chain Lenta.


  • ITMO University and United Investors Syndicate Launch a Joint Program Univest

    ITMO University and the investment platform United Investors launch Univest, a joint national program for angel and venture investment into hi-tech projects of Russian universities.


  • ChemBio Cluster’s Small Innovative Enterprise Innocolloid Started Paying Dividends to ITMO

    The small innovative enterprise “Innocolloid” was created by the staff of ITMO University’s ChemBio Cluster in 2017. In the year and a half of its existence, the company has signed several deals with major representatives of the business community and, beginning from the first quarter of 2019, started paying dividends to its co-founder, ITMO University. Here is more on the company’s operations and how it managed to reach a high level of financial self-sufficiency.


  • ITMO.REGIONS Startup School Comes to Volgograd State Technical University

    As part of the ITMO.REGIONS trans-regional network of startup schools, an expert team from ITMO University has conducted two training programs on technology entrepreneurship and fundraising at the Volgograd State Technical University. The initiative is part of the “Conveyor of Innovations” strategic project; among its partners are the Volgograd Oblast business incubator and the regional government.


  • RAISON Developers on Using AI for Financial Analysis

    On November 11 to 14, the d10e conference on financial technologies was held in Davos, Switzerland. Among the topics were FinTech, ICO, blockchain, sharing economy. RAISON, a project by ITMO’s small innovative enterprise “Intellectual Information Systems” (IIS) and Threesixty Elements S.A. was presented there. In the near future, RAISON will become an investor’s pocket assistant: the system analyses the market, news and historical data to advise users on investment strategies. The project is based on elements of the AI system AKIL.IO developed by IIS. Denis Zhuk, AKIL.IO’s sales manager and PhD student at ITMO, and Andrey Gordeychuk, head of IIS, talk about RAISON and the integration of new technologies into the investment ecosystem.


  • Video360Production Films Construction Sites In Crimea

    On April 20th, it was the opening of Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF), which is one of the four major Russian economic forums alongside St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Eastern Economic Forum and the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi. As part of the event, Crimea's top officials checked the construction process of the projects that are now built on the shore of the Black Sea. The data on these projects was presented not as documents, but 360-degree videos filmed by Video360Production's team.  The videos depicted the construction of the Simferopol airport, two big residential complexes and one of the two conventional thermal power stations that will provide energy for the whole peninsula.  ITMO.NEWS learned about how the filming process, and what were the main difficulties Video360Production's team had to solve.


  • Small Innovative Enterprise "Intelligent Information Systems" Attracts New Investors

    "Intelligent Information Systems" (IIS), a small innovative enterprise at ITMO University, has attracted new private investors. Everyone involved in making the agreement believe that the money should be used to complete work on the company's existing products, analysis, formulation and execution of tasks.