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  • ITMO's Soft Skills Module: Students Share Their Experiences

    It’s been three years since ITMO University introduced the Soft Skills module in its Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. Today, it offers a wide range of disciplines – from personal efficiency and time management to conflict resolution. ITMO.NEWS met with students to learn more about what they have learned during the courses and how they apply it in their daily lives.


  • Public Speaking, Negotiating, and More: Soft Skills at ITMO University

    ITMO University is one of the first universities in Russia to introduce soft skills in its Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. Learn more about the course and its benefits for students in this article.


  • New Project Defense Format: Study Physics and Improve Soft Skills

    In late December, the students of ITMO’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering were first to try the new format of project defense aimed not only to expand their knowledge of the subject but also to train their presentation and teamwork skills.


  • ITMO.Mentors Program Welcomes First Graduates

    The first graduation of the ITMO.Mentors project took place on December 23. During the ceremony, project staff congratulated the participants and presented them with professional training certificates.


  • Soft Skills: What Are They and Why Do We Need Them?

    How do you develop your soft skills even if you’re convinced that communication just isn’t your cup of tea? To find the answer, we spoke to ITMO University’s Soft Skills lecturers and Konstantin Khomchenko, an ITMO graduate and founder of the Chili Marketing agency.


  • Master’s at ITMO: Your Guide to Individual Learning Tracks

    The new academic year brings new opportunities. And it’s up to you to decide what they are going to be, as ITMO University gives you a chance to form your own learning track. 


  • This Stay-At-Home Weekend in St. Petersburg: Mastering Communication

    It doesn’t matter whether most of your conversations happen on Zoom or offline (one day, maybe), you can rarely say you already have it all figured out – sometimes a wrong word just slips out, or you misinterpret what your conversation partner is saying, and things just go downhill. Well, for this weekend we’ve decided to offer you some hints on where (apart from ITMO’s very own soft skills courses) you can learn more about being a better conversationalist. 


  • “Life in Science” Online Soft Skills Course Helps You Succeed in Science

    Almost a thousand Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD students from ITMO University have participated in the online soft skills course “Life in Science: A Guide for Young Researchers”. Learn more about the course from its authors in this ITMO.NEWS article.


  • Meet the First Graduates of ITMO's Mentorship Program

    The student mentorship program was launched for the first time on the occasion of ITMO University’s 120th anniversary. University graduates with established careers or their own companies who are ready to share their experience acted as mentors. Around 23 mentor-mentee matches participated in the project, with some mentors working with several students. Learn more about the program, its role in creating the ITMO.Family community and the personal experiences of participants below.


  • Soft Skills For Anyone: ITMO Stand Up Comedy

    The LADЫ sound cafe recently hosted a “serious” stand-up performance on soft skills in the 21st century.  Mikhail Kurushkin, an associate professor at the ChemBio Cluster, shared some of his personal stories and discussed some actual soft skills one might need in their career.