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  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #9

    Even as we brave the scorching heat and relentless sun, ITMO.NEWS continues to bring you the latest from the world of science. Here are some of our top stories of the past two weeks, featuring: research breakthroughs! Exciting new initiatives! A new Master’s program! And a journey into the world of cinematic space travel.


  • How Realistic is Space Travel in Movies

    Faster-than-light travel, teleportation, wormholes, and black holes – in sci-fi movies and books, these means of travel are popular, but how realistic are they? ITMO.NEWS asked Stanislav Baturin, a scientist from ITMO’s School of Physics and Engineering and an ITMO Fellow to discuss space travel tropes from the scientific point of view.


  • Cities on the Moon, Villages on Mars: What's Stopping Us?

    Why hasn’t humanity managed to reach new planets in the past 50 years? What factors affect our ability to travel to Mars? Alexander Shaenko, PhD, a science popularizer, answered these and other questions about space exploration as part of his open lecture.


  • Space Tourism: How to Book a Flight to the Orbit

    The concept of space tourism is far from new: as far back as in 1967, only six years after the first human space flight, Barron Hilton and Krafft Ehricke had ruminated on the subject, but their plans did not come to fruition. At last, in the mid-’00s, the first private space explorer had joined the crew of the International Space Station. Today, dozens of private companies operate on the market of space, or more precisely sub-orbital, tourism. We tried to find out what it’s like to go to space as a private citizen and how much it can cost you.