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  • ITMO Wins Gold at ICPC Finals

    The final results of the International Collegiate Programming Contest – ICPC World Finals Moscow have been announced. ITMO University was represented by the Standard Deviation team – this time, Gennady Korotkevich, a PhD student of ITMO University and one of the most prominent programmers in the world, took part in the contest as a coach, not a team member.


  • 10th Birthday of International Sports Programming Project Codeforces Celebrated at ITMO University

    Codeforces, one of the most famous competitive programming platforms in the world, has celebrated its tenth birthday. It was created by then Saratov State University lecturer Mikhail Mirzayanov at the end of the 2000s as an online community for people who like to solve programming tasks. Now Mikhail works at ITMO University, which is a second home for Codeforces. ITMO.NEWS attended the celebration party and asked its participants how Codeforces had influenced their life and the entire community. 


  • Codeforces Founder Mikhail Mirzayanov: How the Biggest Competitive Programming Platform Has Changed Over the Past 10 Years

    Codeforces, one of the biggest competitive programming platforms in the world, is celebrating its 10th birthday. It was launched in the early 2010s by Saratov State University teacher Mikhail Mirzayanov. Since then, Codeforces has truly become a social network for competitive programming lovers. Both professionals and amateurs compete and communicate there. The website’s reach is around half a million people from all over the world. Meanwhile, its creator joined ITMO University’s team a year and a half ago. ITMO.NEWS’ reporter has met Mikhail and found out how the platform’s competitions differ from ICPC, how Codeforces attracts millions of users and why the project has launched a crowdfunding campaign.


  • New ICPC Tournaments Season Kicks Off, With 31 ITMO Teams in Regional Top-100

    The new season of ICPC, the oldest and the most prestigious international programming competition, has recently kicked off. This year, for the first time ever, the competition in the Northwestern Federal District of Russia, which ITMO University competes in, started with a qualification round. An ITMO.NEWS correspondent visited the competition site to find out more about the qualification process and who made it to the next round.


  • ITMO University Held Russia’s First ICPC Alum Reunion

    Last Saturday, ITMO University held Russia’s first reunion of alumni of the international student programming contest ICPC. The event brought together winners and participants of the previous ICPC rounds, as well as representatives of international IT companies, organizers of regional competitions, judges, coaches and volunteers that have helped with the organization of the contest over the years. The meeting was organized by the ICPC Foundation, which works to create an association of ICPC participants from all over the world, and supported by the company Huawei. Participating as an honorary guest was Bill Poucher, executive director of ICPC.


  • Gennady Korotkevich Wins Sobaka.Ru Magazine Award, a magazine about urban life, has recently announced the laureates of the Top-50 Famous People in St. Petersburg award in the Science and Life category. Among the winners is ITMO University PhD student Gennady Korotkevich, the champion of multiple international programming competitions. The awards ceremony will take place at the Sevkabel Port on June 5.


  • Gennady Korotkevich Wins Google Code Jam For The Fifth Time

    Just recently, the Google Code Jam international coding competition ended in Toronto. For the fifth time in a row, it was ITMO student Gennady Korotkevich who took the winning title, having beat his immediate competitors: Kamil Debowski from Poland and Makoto Soejima from Japan. Each year, over 50,000 programmers from all over the world participate in the event.


  • Gennady Korotkevich Wins Yandex.Algorithm for Fifth Time

    Gennady Korotkevich, a Master's student from the Department of Computer Technologies at ITMO University and a two-time champion of ACM ICPC, has won the competition Yandex.Algorithm for the fifth time. He was also the only participant to complete all the tasks of the competition. 


  • ITMO Team Passes ACM ICPC Regionals, Will Compete for World Cup in Beijing

    On December 3, the semi-finals of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest were held at ITMO University. The university was one of the four venues for the Northern Eurasia regional contest for Russia and CIS countries, in which more than 300 teams participated. 16 teams were selected to take part in the final stage of the contest, which will take place in Beijing in April of 2018. ITMO University’s team is also among them,


  • European Hackathon Winners Came to ITMO to Study Programming

    The Open Data Hackathon took place in May, in Bolzano (Italy), bringing together developers and data scientists from all across Europe. For 24 hours, the teams worked on creating a working prototype based on one of their ideas. The winners of the hackathon took the main prize: a trip to St. Petersburg for a two-day intensive programming course at ITMO University. This year, ITMO has become a seven-time winner of ACM ICPC and remains the world record holder for most wins