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  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #46

    As the holidays approach, we come to you with this year’s final review of all things science at ITMO. New research labs, interviews with eminent scientists, and promising new projects – all in today’s science roundup.


  • Student Spotlight: Siraj Farhan, India

    Step into the world of Siraj Farhan, an international student from India who is currently pursuing a Master's degree in entrepreneurship at ITMO. Farhan is a captivating individual with an insatiable passion for computers and AI. An adventurer at heart, he's tried his hand at a multitude of pursuits, including building his very own startup. Join us as we delve into his inspiring journey.


  • Student Spotlight: Carl Hakim, Egypt

    Over a span of 123 years, ITMO has witnessed countless stories of ambition and innovation unfold on its campuses. Walking on a similar path, our international student Carl Hakim has embarked on a transformative journey at ITMO, where he now stands as a second-year Master's student specializing in the revolutionary field of industrial ecology. In today’s interview, Carl delves into his project and shares his captivating experiences in the enchanting city of St. Petersburg, which has become his second home.


  • Simple Rules for Being More Eco-Friendly

    So, you want to start doing your bit for the planet but don’t know where to start? Here are seven simple steps you can take today to decrease your carbon footprint.


  • Start Your Year With Decluttering

    New Year – new me: who hasn’t been tempted by this maxim at least once? If you want to start your year with a grand cleanup or even a tiny little bit of decluttering, here is some of our wisdom on why and how to do it.


  • Crash Course: Recycling in St. Petersburg

    Did you ever want to change the world for the better but felt too small to matter? It’s high time to leave these thoughts in the past. Your daily choices can be humanity's path to a brighter future. Want to find out how to add your two cents?


  • Summer Decluttering: Clothes Edition

    If decluttering seems like a mammoth task and piles of your once-favorite clothes make your head spin, here are some handy-dandy tips and tricks on how to clean out your closet and help the planet by giving your belongings a second life.


  • ITMO Fellowship Stories: Daniel Sapori on His Decision to Pursue Science in Russia

    Daniel Sapori came from France to St. Petersburg to do applied research on perovskite solar cells. Now, he works at ITMO’s Laboratory of Hybrid Nanophotonics and Optoelectronics under the supervision of Sergey Makarov.


  • What Fashion and Urban Design Have in Common

    Why is the fashion of the future related to cities? How to make the production of clothes more eco-friendly? Olga Johnston Antonova, a leading expert in sustainable fashion in Russia and creator of the Redshift in Fashion project, talked about the eco-footprint of the fashion industry and common goals of urban design and fashion at an online lecture for ITMO students.


  • ITMO.GREEN: Students Doing Their Best to Save the World

    It's up to us to be the change we want to see in the world. The university's eco-club ITMO.GREEN brings together like-minded people who live the reduce-reuse-recycle mantra and are bringing about real, tangible good. You, too, can participate.