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  • Head of ITMO's Femtomedicine Lab Olga Smolyanskaya on Applications of Terahertz Radiation in Medicine and Biology

    In collaboration with their Russian and international colleagues, ITMO University scientists have recently published a comprehensive overview of modern research on terahertz radiation-based diagnostic and visualisation methods. ITMO.NEWS met with one of the article’s authors, Olga Smolyanskaya, a research associate at ITMO’s Faculty of Photonics and Optical Information and head of the University's Femtomedicine Laboratory, to learn about the major emerging trends in this field.


  • Expert Opinion: What are Dielectric Nanoantennas and how to Apply THz Radiation?

    THz radiation has various applications – from medicine to wireless communications. THz antennas can be based on dielectric nanoantennas – these days the researchers of ITMO’s Department of Nanophotonics and Metamaterials are pioneers in this promising field. Sergei Lepeshov, the author of a project devoted to dielectric nanoantenna’s development, shared about the technology.