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  • These Winter Holidays in St. Petersburg Part 2: January 4-8, 2024

    With all the salads eaten and all the movies watched, it's time to leave your four walls for more than just a quick run to the store – or, if you’re a Brodsky fan, add a handful of exciting ideas on what to do at home during your well-deserved break.


  • The Experiment: Bucket List Summer

    We don’t know about you, but we’ve come across dozens of “summer bucket lists” online – they were almost begging us to try them out. So that’s what we did: took some items off random lists online, added our personal touch, and set off on adventures – big or small. Below, you will find our accounts of what happened next, which we hope will inspire you to run an experiment of your own this August.


  • Quick Fix: Breakfast Ideas for All Kinds of Mornings

    Whether you have a set lineup for your mornings or made a bad habit of skipping your breakfast altogether, you may want to give a try to one of these delicious yet super-easy recipes from a lazy cook’s guide.


  • Even More Co-Op Games To Play With Your Friends

    If you already know why pigs and rainy rooftops are no good, you might be craving a new adventure you and your game buddy could embark on. Would it be a hilarious action with definitely-not-a-vampire Vlad? Or maybe a heartfelt story of yarnies chasing a spark? And what about your favorite movie characters… turned minifigs? Read on to find your next co-op obsession for PC or console.


  • 7 Video Games You Can Complete in a Day

    While we wait on Hideo Kojima to cook up something extraordinary in 2023 (we anticipate news on Death Stranding 2 and the other, secret project), here are a few games that can be finished in one evening. Incidentally, our list includes some projects by ITMO students. If you need a break from visiting friends and binging TV, how about trying to find all of the treasures of an ancient flying city, or saving a duckling from a primordial curse? Each of these games takes only a couple of hours to finish on average, so you are not getting bored any time soon.


  • Start Your Year With Decluttering

    New Year – new me: who hasn’t been tempted by this maxim at least once? If you want to start your year with a grand cleanup or even a tiny little bit of decluttering, here is some of our wisdom on why and how to do it.


  • Books, Podcasts, and YouTube Channels To Keep Your Brain Running on Holidays

    Do you need a break from the usual holiday activities of visiting friends, playing in the snow, and gathering around the table with your family? How about learning something useful and practicing your Russian skills? From ITMO.NEWS, here are a few popular science books, podcasts and YouTube channels for you to explore.


  • Things To Do When It’s Too Cold Outside

    When it's getting frostbite-cold outside, exploring the city may not be the greatest idea, but, luckily, there's a bunch of other things you can do while staying in the warmth of your room.


  • From IT to Medical History and Fast Fashion: 7 Popular Science Films and Series Worth Seeing

    December 28 is a date known to filmmakers and cinephiles alike as International Cinema Day. On this day in 1895, the Lumière brothers gave their first public screening at the Grand Café on the Boulevard des Capucines in Paris. To mark this day, we suggest you spend your evening watching some popular science movies. We teamed up with Irina Belykh, the program director of the Contemporary Science Film Festival, and the team of ITMO’s Center for Science Communication to select 7 films and series that are worth your time – from concise popular-science breakdowns to profound documentaries on global issues.


  • The Science of Hobbies: Six Relaxing Activities You Should Try

    Hobbies bring us joy and make our lives more exciting, but did you know that they actually provide us with numerous benefits – both physical and mental? That’s what science says! Here’s why you shouldn’t neglect your passions, which activities you can take up to feel good, and how to fit them into even the tightest schedule.