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  • A Mexican Chef’s Journey to Russia

    Here in Russia, it’s incredibly difficult to find traditional Mexican food. You can find a few places here and there, but most of them lack that authentic Mexican taste. Taqueria Don Garcia, a Mexican food stand, serves the most unbelievably delicious tacos I have ever tried in Russia. It’s owned and founded by Gerardo García, born and raised in Mexico, who immigrated to Russia 5 years ago.


  • Student Spotlight: Jorge Eduardo Mayor Fernández, Colombia

    Jorge Eduardo Mayor Fernández is a first-year Bachelor’s student of software engineering at ITMO University. I chatted with him about his life at university and his experiences in Russia so far.


  • Ayaz-Kala: A Fortress From the Distant Past

    The Ayaz-Kala archaeological site encompasses the ruins of three ancient fortresses from the time of the Kushan Empire, located in Uzbekistan’s Kyzylkum Desert. The name of the settlement translates as "fortress in the wind." Built when Kushan culture was at its peak in the third and second centuries BCE, it bolstered the empire’s northern defenses and protected those territories from foreign encroachment.