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  • Recognize Me If You Can: Can Facial Recognition Systems Really Tell How We Feel?

    Facial recognition systems are becoming more and more widespread in different fields. According to a forecast by MarketsandMarkets, the associated market will have grown up to seven billion dollars by 2024. There is a lot of news in the media reporting that this technology helps catch criminals, define whether shops’ customers are satisfied, and even play the music they like. However, some research indicates that AI still experiences problems with recognizing people’s real emotions.


  • Plastic Cards from Magnetic Stripes to Apple Pay: How Payment Industry Changed Over 70 Years

    Do you know how your bank card operates? How is security of transactions ensured? And why a wrong amount of money can be deducted from your card when paying for goods abroad? These questions were answered by Dmitry Kochelaev, an ITMO graduate and the head of development at Solanteq, a company specializing in innovative payment solutions, in his open lecture for the Open Fintech series at ITMO University. Here are the keynotes.


  • InfoWatch President Natalya Kaspersky: New Technologies Pose Cybersecurity Threats

    New technology is being released every day, which makes it hard for cybersecurity experts to calculate potential risks. Seduced by new technologies like Internet of Things and Blockchain, we forget about the most important thing when it comes to information technology: its security. Everything is under threat today: from smartphones to control systems for nuclear power plants. Natalya Kaspersky, President of InfoWatch Group, attended the formal opening of ITMO-InfoWatch center. During an open lecture at ITMO University, she spoke about the challenges facing information security specialists and what ordinary users can do to protect themselves.


  • From Akinator Genii to Machine Learning: A Science Slam Participant on Detection Technologies

    Detection technologies are now everywhere: they are used in ultrasound imaging or probes for military purposes, as well as in simple apps like Snapchat that adds dog ears or flower chaplets to a person's photo. Anton Chukhlamov, a Master's student at ITMO University and participant of Science Slam ITMO University 2.0 aspires to make them even more useful. In an interview for our portal, the student shared on how such technologies can help avoid a possible street scuffle or prevent a forest fire, whether they have anything in similar with the Tesla autopilot system and what the Akinator genii has to do with it all.