Tinkoff Bank

This year, the company is ready to offer internships to five or six students. Here in St. Petersburg, the company has a development center that employs about 130 developers, testers and other specialists. According to the company’s representatives, the bank has several fields of activities that the students will find most easy to tap into. For instance, there is a demand for analysts (business technologists) whose job is to come up with new banking products and new features for existing ones, communicate with developers and testers, solve emerging issues, and estimate the efficiency of these solutions. In other words, they are fully responsible for new products. The company is ready to employ students with good mathematical skills . Tinkoff Bank is looking for junior Scala developers, as well. As of now, several ITMO students are already doing internships there. What is more, the company has its own school where its developers act as tutors. In most cases, the company offers summer internships, though its representatives state that any student can address the company and ask for a more personalized internship program plan. You can check out Tinkoff Bank’s regular internships here.


The representatives of this global network of technology service companies that develop, update and support IT-solutions offered ITMO students to try their new Skillotron quiz platform, and awarded the winner with a JBL portable speaker. While the company had once focused on employing senior developers, this time its representatives came to ITMO to offer a multitude of middle developer positions in different fields, as well as several internships. among the technologies that DataArt works with are the most relevant ones: dot.Net, Java, frontend, Big Data, and others. Most projects are conducted in such fields as financial systems, healthcare, game development, IoT, and telecommunications. Usually, internships at DataArt take up to three months; each intern gets a mentor with whom they work on particular projects. After each month, an intern has to “defend”, i.e. prove their command of the knowledge and skills they got; upon the successful completion of all three months, they get the opportunity to stay at the company as junior developers, the internship counting as a trial period. The internship term can change depending on the level of a particular intern’s training; a good command of English is perceived as an important prerequisite for completing it. The internship is paid.


The eLama company invited students to play games to test their knowledge of business processes. During the first game, the players were to work on the customer-executor relations; the second was about conducting a small study on improving the operation of a university canteen. For that matter, the students were to come up with several hypotheses (for instance, that could be a hypothesis about 60% of ITMO’s students being vegetarians and the canteen lacking a vegetarian menu). The hypotheses were to be proved by polls. Also, the participants were to plan their future steps to realizing their goals. The best projects were presented to the university’s administration.

As of today, eLama has a special platform where you can try yourself at tests and tasks offered by the company and be included into a ranking which the company representatives use to select the strongest candidates; both freshmen and senior students can be invited for an internship. The interns spend two months under the guidance of mentors, as well as get additional training in both technological and soft skills.


It is noteworthy that for any kind of specialist, their career at Yota starts as a sales clerk or a sales manager, which is the entry-level position offered to every student or young professional. After three months of working at a sales outlet during which the intern learns about the company’s history and methods, the potential employee can apply for a position at another department. As of now, among the departments that are most popular with interns are those that focus on IT, development, information security, PR, marketing, and others.


MTS is one of ITMO’s partner companies, so it regularly participates in the university’s career events. As of now, it offers internships in two fields: IT (developers, testers and business analysts) and non-technical sciences (finance). The internships are paid and last from two to three months, after which the students get an opportunity to be employed by the company. According to the company's representatives, the interns don’t have to deal with large amounts of routine paperwork: if you are studying to be a business analyst, you will deal with orders, and if you are going to be a programmer, you will get to code.

There are also junior positions available that you can apply for straight on, although that would mean working for 40 hours a week - even though the company offers a flexible schedule, working 8 hours a day is a must for everybody. Last year, the company enlisted a hundred interns, more than a half of which got employed by it. Though most internships begin in May and take from two to three months, you can apply for one any time.


The BIOCAD company is also one of the university’s partners; it focuses on biotechnologies and introduction of innovative products. According to the company’s representative, they are interested in training academic personnel, as bringing up a generation of future scientists who are able create new innovative products in BIOCAD’s main area of focus - medicine - is among the company’s main goals. As the company works at the intersection of IT, mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, biotechnology, innovation management, and other fields, it offers many different positions that young professionals can apply for. For one, students can start their careers at BIOCAD with a seasonal internship program. The intern’s mentors help them develop ambitious projects; all interns are paid a scholarship and can participate in the company’s corporate events. You can find information on the company’s relevant internships and job offers here.


This company’s representatives came to ITMO University to look for technologists. Today’s interns have the opportunity to get training at both the company’s manufacturing facilities and laboratories; to apply for one, you have to be a second year student or higher. This year, Coca-Cola was also searching for 2016-2018 graduates ready to participate in its Rise Management Trainee program, a two-year internship during which the student is officially employed by the company and gets a salary. The three key requirements are at least upper intermediate level English skills, field-specific education, and geographic mobility - over the course of the program, the interns are to travel and work on different facilities in different regions. Upon a successful completion of the program, the intern gets a managerial position at a department they applied for, although that can be a position in a different region. You can learn about the program in more detail here.


The Intella agency focuses on recruiting IT specialists for major Russian and foreign companies, among which are VK, Yandex, and others. Therefore, the company is now looking for employees who will do the recruiting. The company offers both full-time employment and summer internships that last for two months. Though the employees’ income mostly depends on the number of filled vacancies, they are also paid a fixed salary they earn irrespective of being successful or not. Upon the completion of an internship, the interns get an opportunity to be employed by the company.

We’d like to note that the event was organized as part of the Lift to the Future NPO’s grant which was awarded to ITMO University for winning the Faculty of Career all-Russian contest on the best project on improving the operation of universities that train engineering and technical specialists.

You can see all available internships and job offers here.