Based on the results of the conference A Journey Into the World of AI, the President has approved the list of orders related to economic, technological, and legal support of AI development in Russia. Apart from stipulating support for universities, the document contains suggestions on providing additional budget funding for research in the fields of generative AI, increasing the capacities of Russian supercomputers, and developing large-scale generative models for applications in the country’s key economic sectors.

“Our objective is to make AI into an everyday yet highly efficient tool, and to achieve it, we need more qualified specialists. Currently, ITMO provides 15% of all top AI professionals on the market annually, but we can do more. The more opportunities that leading Russian universities have to train high-quality experts, the sooner AI will become a “routine” tool, advancing the development of the Russian economy,” said ITMO Rector Vladimir Vasilyev

Within the federal project Artificial Intelligence, ITMO University opened the Research Center “Strong AI in Industry,” whose main focus is on developing systems capable of imitating creative activities of engineers, designers, or managers. In collaboration with Gazprom Neft, the center’s specialists are making a decision support system for planning fossil development sites. Within other projects in collaboration with Gazprom Neft, the center tackles issues in automated design and use of infrastructure objects in the Russian Arctic, as well as optimizes management and business processes. Among the center’s other partners are the Russian branches of Siemens and Huawei. 

Photo by ITMO University

Photo by ITMO University

In 2022, the AI Alliance certified a total of four educational programs in Russia, two of which are implemented by ITMO: the Big Data and Machine Learning Master’s program and the advanced training program in big data and machine learning for qualified clients.

The university also integrates AI into every educational and research aspect of its development within its Development Strategy captioned Open-Source University, implemented within the Priority 2030 national program. Within Priority 2030, the university creates an environment for training world-class AI professionals, introduces machine learning tools into its educational, research, and administrative processes, as well as fosters business thinking and a product approach in faculty and students. Currently, ITMO boasts 14 educational programs in AI developed in collaboration with major partners (Yandex, VK, Gazprom Neft) – these are most in-demand among applicants.