Researchers at ITMO, the Ioffe Institute, and Zhejiang University have some ideas on how to improve the lasers used in the production of metamaterials. In their latest study, they present a less costly method rooted in a targeted approach to reordering the particles within a given metasurface.

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There are many reasons why you’d need to measure the properties of a microparticle – unfortunately, the process is not always simple and straightforward. A new paper by researchers from the International Research and Educational Center for Physics of Nanostructures showcases the results of experiments conducted in order to discover a better approach. Better yet, the method makes it possible to take several different measurements at once. The potential applications are said to include materials science, chemistry, biology, and medicine.

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Scientists from ITMO and LMU Munich have made advances in their study of two-dimensional heterostructures. With their high potential for use in the next generation of optical, electronic, and quantum computing devices, these materials are of utmost importance for modern science. Relying on the moiré effect, the researchers were able to manifest exciton states of particularly promising potential.

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Researchers Anvar Baimuratov and Alexander Högele at work at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. © Jan Greune / LMU

Researchers Anvar Baimuratov and Alexander Högele at work at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. © Jan Greune / LMU

Last but not least, a remarkable new product was unveiled last week by engineers from ITMO and several of its industrial and academic partners. The cube-shaped mobile lab is designed for biological research, such as cell culture growth and artificial heart development. Just 3 meters-long on each side, it can be easily disassembled and put back together as needed; it is also equipped with monitoring equipment for training purposes and features several automation features.

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Students who pick the Applied Photonics program as their choice for Master’s studies at ITMO now have one more advantage to enjoy: as part of a partnership with the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech), the program’s graduates will now receive not one but two diplomas upon graduation, one from each institution – not to mention a sizeable stipend from Skoltech!

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Some good news for ITMO’s 2023 graduates and something to look forward to for current and future students: starting this year, graduates can also opt in for an NFT diploma from the social networking giant VK. Stored in each graduate’s personal crypto wallet, it contains information about their skills and qualifications and will soon be compatible with numerous job-seeking services. 

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