Nothing should be able to slip past the all-seeing eye of the new infrared computer vision system, developed by the scientists at ITMO’s International Research Laboratory for Intelligent Optical Systems. Efficient, cheap, and reliable – the device is designed to assist humans with a whole variety of activities: from catching poachers to locating missing persons.

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In order to see the big picture, we must dive deep into the microcosm, believes Dmitry Glazov, an expert in atomic theory and an ITMO Fellow. The smallest atoms and molecules, he explains, might just hold answers to science’s biggest questions, such as the nature of dark matter and the universe itself. ITMO.NEWS chatted with the researcher to learn about his work and what makes nuclear clocks so different from their atomic counterparts.

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Education & AI

How does AI change the state of affairs for education? No, it’s not about getting ChatGPT to write that essay – but using artificial intelligence to take university education to the next level. For that purpose, educational experts from Russia and China, along with representatives of Russia’s biggest tech enterprises, gathered at the first-ever seminar on AI specialist training to exchange insights and discuss future cooperation.

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On a related note, the university has recently announced a planned increase in tuition-free positions for students of AI-focused educational programs. The news comes on the heels of a presidential order that instructs Russian universities to allocate additional resources towards training a new generation of AI specialists. At the moment, ITMO University offers applicants a choice of 14 educational programs in this subject area, with even more on the way.

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Photo by ITMO University

Photo by ITMO University


We use it every day – but how well can you actually answer the question: what is the internet? How does it work (or doesn’t work)? In what ways is it similar or different to “meatspace”? You can find answers to these questions in our summary of a talk by the mathematician Andrei Raigorodskii.

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Reading about science can be fun – but nothing compares to seeing it before your eyes. Luckily, ITMO staff and students, as well as all other residents and guests of St. Petersburg, can pay a visit to the university’s Museum of Optics and experience for themselves the gorgeous, puzzling, and mind-blowing phenomena of this scientific field. Over the holidays, we put together a guide to some of the museum’s key exhibits so you can come prepared.

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Over on the Blog section of our website, we’ve got a highly insightful read into the varied world of food packaging. What is overpacking? How far has the packaging industry advanced today? Find out in the write-up by biotechnologies PhD student Irina Krylova.

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