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If you’ve been following news from the world of physics, you’ll know that topological states are, to put it in colloquial terms, all the rage in certain circles – among scholars of photonics, to be exact. But, to be fair, we should all be excited about them: after all, they are one of the keys to the development of materials for a new generation of computers.

However, until not long ago, one question remained unanswered: is it possible to create metamaterials with topological states in the optical range? That is why researchers from ITMO and the University of Chile have put their minds to the task; now, they’ve published a paper outlining exactly how such an effect may be achieved in practice.

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Restless minds – or minds that never rest? A recent tech expo at ITMO University took the science fair concept to a higher level: here, 300+ young scientists presented numerous projects to their peers as well as to potential partners and investors.

The projects on display tackled a wide variety of topics, though environmental protection was a notably predominant subject. This was evident in such tech as nanofiber purification membranes, an emission-free water-to-hydrogen converter, and a tiny but powerful electrocycle for the modern commuter. Other projects included exoskeletons, deepfake detectors, and UV air purifiers.

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Of course, one of the most important recent stories was the launch of ITMO’s 2024 Admissions Campaign: for three weeks now, the university has been receiving applications from prospective Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD students.

As usual, applicants get to choose from a great range of programs (26 Bachelor’s and 80 Master’s), including ones that are conducted online. Naturally, the list of scholarship and enrollment opportunities, too, remains quite diverse: from various entrance competitions to the Portfolio Contest. In most programs, the application window will remain open until late July to late August – but it’s best to hurry!

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