University of well-being

The strategic project Well-Being, implemented as part of ITMO’s 2030 Development Strategy, is focused on the health and comfort of ITMO Family. The project includes research, events, and new services – all designed to create an environment that would satisfy the emotional, intellectual, physical, and creative needs of students and benefit their development.

That’s why we decided to celebrate the university’s birthday in a suitable way – with physical activities and healthy snacks. Free-to-grab apples were available at all ITMO campuses and everyone could try an oxygen cocktail and vegetable sticks at the Kronverksky 49 and Lomonosova 9 campuses. Plus, you could learn how to work on a computer and stay healthy: a series of videos shown in the coworking areas provide tips on how to sit properly, rest your eyes, and stretch your muscles.

Moreover, you could play Twister or huge chess at the Lomonosova campus, while in the main building on Kronverksky, special areas for the hopscotch game and Jenga were available.

Plus, ITMO graduates who became renowned experts and entrepreneurs have been giving consultations during which students can learn about their experience and ask questions on professional and personal growth. You can sign up for a meeting here.

“The celebration ended with the university’s participation in the Earth Hour – for an hour, lights in the tower of the main campus on Kronverksky went out. It’s symbolic, as the university’s birthday, the launch of the be ITMO project (the concept of which includes eco-friendly lifestyle), and the Earth Hour all took place on one day,” says Lyudmila Tsoi, the head of the Creative and Corporate Projects Planning Center.

Tests of skill and luck

Is it true that there’s a sneaker club at ITMO called Take an L? Was the Kotlin programming language named after cats (“kot” stands for “cat” in Russian – Ed.)? Can our Rector ride a bike? Students and staff of the university tried to answer these and other questions – you can see how well they did here.

Be at the right place at the right time – this must be the motto of the winners of the Lucky Number and Lucky Computer lotteries. For the former, the organizers picked a random cloakroom token. For the latter, one of the computers at a coworking area had a very special folder on the desktop. Whoever found one or the other, got to win a prize.

“It was really nice to get a lucky number. I was late that day and this must’ve helped me. Never before have I won a lottery, but this time I was the lucky one. I got a tote bag that says 122 ITMO. I love it and will use it with pleasure,” says Elizaveta Yudintseva, a student at the Center for Chemical Research.

“I wanted to sit at the computer to relax and only one of them was unoccupied. I knew about the Lucky Computer thing but I thought the winner was already determined, as the room was filled with people. However, I decided to test my luck, looked at the screen, and saw the B-DAY ITMO folder. I opened it and realized that this is the lucky computer. It’s a fantastic feeling; I wasn’t even going to participate and didn’t think I’d win. But miracles do happen!” says Beksultan Seken, a student at the Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies.


Student clubs and the student media Megabyte filmed several videos congratulating the university: the dance club Flame showed through movement how you can always be yourself and feel at home at ITMO; the singing collective ITMO.Staytuned came up with a song about why ITMO is cool; and 122 members of ITMO Family described what the university means to them using just one word each. 

A total of 65 people tried their hand at being a web detective. Their mission? To find a file with a secret task on the web by overcoming challenges and finding new clues. On average, this quest took three hours to complete, which 20 participants did successfully. As a reward, they received a limited-edition merch package.

“I’ve never participated in something like that before and I was really impressed! It was fun to go from one website to another. The final task took a while, as there are no easy ways to download music from VK,” says Erik Ishbaev, a student at the Faculty of Nanoelectronics.

For ITMO, emotional and physical well-being of all its students and employees has always been a top priority. That’s why the be ITMO platform was launched as part of the Well-Being strategic project. It’s a way to access all services and opportunities the university provides for its students and staff to help them fulfill their creative potential and grow professionally without losing their inner peace.

The platform includes six tracks aimed at the improvement of well-being. The track be open is responsible for the creation of a comfortable and ergonomic environment and be friendly – for the development of social networking. Services of be pro will provide conditions for personal and professional growth, while be fit and be healthy are about healthy lifestyle and both mental and physical health. As for conscious consumption and educational programs in the field of sustainable growth – that’s what the be eco track is all about.

Credit: Dmitry Grigoryev, ITMO.NEWS.

Credit: Dmitry Grigoryev, ITMO.NEWS.

Other than that, be ITMO provides information on the university’s studies about health and well-being. As of now, there are two such projects: one focused on the identification of efficient anti-anxiety and anti-burnout measures and the other – on the improvement of the quality of health and life in academia.

“This platform is a showcase of all the work the university is doing to create comfortable conditions for employees and students and ensure their growth and well-being. It’ll be gradually expanded with new opportunities and functions. We invite our students and colleagues to join the project, participate in research, and share their suggestions. To do this, use the website’s feedback form or write to us at,” says Lyudmila Tsoi.