ITMO at the Russia International Exhibition

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Until February 11, Science Week is taking place at the St. Petersburg stand of the Russia International Exhibition at VDNH, Moscow.

The stand showcases the creations of ITMO's Youth Robotics Lab, such as Robert Robotecky, a concertina-playing robot who rides a hoverboard. The robot has toured several countries and won a range of international awards, including gold at RobotChallenge 2023 in China. 

Aside from the musician robot, you can view a precise 1:43 scale replica of the Palace Bridge facade, enjoy a virtual cruise along the city’s rivers and canals, and visit its key historical landmarks and attractions.

The Youth Robotics Lab’s projects are displayed in Pavilion No. 75 (hall Б). You can find a map here (in Russian). 

The Russia International Exhibition is hosted at VDNH till April 12, 2024.


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