My Visit the Andy Warhol Exhibition in St. Petersburg

The other day, I went to the Andy Warhol exhibition in St. Petersburg. Andy Warhol is a pop art master who was active in the 1960s, and I have been waiting for the opportunity to see his works in person. It is very rare to see an Andy Warhol exhibition in Japan, and even when there is one, I have never been able to go.

IT’s MOre than a UNIVERSITY — IT’s MOre than a slogan

When you read this phrase for the first time, you may think that it’s a simple catchphrase to convince people to go to ITMO University. Actually, once you step in any ITMO building and talk to someone, you immediately understand that it’s not the case.

We Get a Lot of Happiness from the Buddy System

What do you think makes life at ITMO University so exciting? Yes, it's the Buddy System, a wonderful club that fully supports our exchange student life, devises various activities, organizes weekly national nights, and keeps us entertained. This club also provided a lot of support when I visited ITMO University in 2019 for just one week. They guided me from the airport to the hotel, talked about their culture in English, and took me and other students to famous sights in St. Petersburg, such as Japanese restaurants, aquariums, and bookstores.

Be Brave: My Experience at Halloween in Yagodnoe

At the end of October, I spent Halloween in Yagodnoe. It was a wonderful experience for me. It all started when I was invited to ITMO’s English speaking club by a friend I met in my intercultural communication class. When I attended the club for the first time, I found out that there was going to be a Halloween event at a place called Yagodnoe in about a month

Life of Vietnamese students at ITMO University in Russia

The Russian Federation is one of the top education destinations for Vietnamese students who plan to study abroad. It is due to the strong and collaborative relationship between these two countries as well as the diversity of educational programs offered by Russian universities that makes it such a popular location to study.

Phygitality in Art During Times of AI

Technology is changing the way we look at art but also the world’s conceptualization of processes, property, materials and hybridization. Artists who have been classically trained for fine or conceptual arts now need a multidisciplinary profile that aims to experiment with both worlds by merging them into the phygital realm.

An Intercultural Reunion

After two years away from ITMO, I had a very special reunion with my intercultural communication teacher.

Checklist: What to Visit in St. Petersburg in 2 Days

When you live in the most popular tourist destination in Russia, all your friends ask you one simple question: what do you recommend seeing? In my three years of living here, I developed a checklist which I will be happy to share with everyone.

Breakthroughs in Biology and Their Impact on Our Future

The twentieth century was the time of physics: Einstein's Theory of Relativity, great explorations in the field of celestial bodies and tiny nanoparticles, the invention of computing machines. All these discoveries breathed new life into other sciences, especially biology: the DNA structure study by J.Watson, F.Crick, M.Wilkins, and R.Franklin, the international Human Genome Project, modern treatments, etc. All these findings would have been impossible without physics. Breakthroughs in physics allowed biology to explore the world of cells and molecules. Therefore, there is an opinion that the century is the time of biology: hundreds or thousands of biological experiments and investigations are conducted every day. These research projects require knowledge in different fields and the work of multidisciplinary teams.