Book Ritik Competition — A Street Cat in London

I frequently go to two libraries in this city. By the way, all the libraries are good in St. Petersburg, but I want to read books in English, and these libraries have plenty of English literature.

Kronbars eSports at ITMO

The current situation regarding the recent virus outbreak has created many inconveniences in our daily life: it is not safe to use public transport, visit crowded places such as universities, or go outside in general. Working and getting an education from home is the new universal trend, so we at Kronbars eSports decided to develop a distance learning system directed at teaching people to play eSports. Inspired by it, I decided to write a blog about the student eSports scene that we currently have.

How Lack Of Sleep Affects Your Body

It is no secret that life in a big city is a risky one, especially so for students, having to balance the downtown’s delights with their studies. Most of the danger, though, comes first and foremost from the students themselves. Inexperienced minds are quick to sacrifice what is, perhaps, one of the most important parts of their life- - their sleep — for more pleasures or last-minute reading. But here’s what toll this takes on their body.

Keep Calm and Stay Productive

Things have been a bit crazy all around the world, people coming from other countries put in self-quarantine, people with the flu sent to the hospital to get checked up, we’re all on edge at the moment, but let’s focus on the positives!

Three Places Near ITMO To Eat On A Budget

Students spend a lot of time at universities and they often have to replenish their energy reserves during the day. As scholarships are not really high, students need a place where they can eat on a budget between classes. Read on to find out about some nice places to check out near ITMO building on Lomonosova street.

A Trip to Veliky Novgorod

You want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a while? You should consider going to Veliky Novgorod, an incredibly peaceful and charming town not far from St. Petersburg.

An Overview of the Most Interesting Museums in St. Petersburg

When hearing the word "St. Petersburg" a lot of associations come to mind. Firstly, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. Secondly, it is a historically and culturally significant place. A lot of museums, galleries, remarkable landscapes, rare collections and other tourist attractions famed all over the world are located there. It is common knowledge that, for many visitors, it can be a real problem to decide what places to visit, because everything seems interesting and obligatory for seeing.

Moscow vs. St. Petersburg: Which Russian Capital is Better?

While every country in the world has one capital, Russia has two. Moscow is the official capital, whereas St. Petersburg used to be a capital before and is now frequently called the "Northern capital of Russia". People from these cities always argue which of them is better, and never come to a conclusion. For citizens of other Russian cities, who are planning to move, it is even harder to decide where they want to live. This article focuses on the differences between Moscow and St. Petersburg and explores what life in these two cities is like.

A Belgian Student in Russia

Hello everyone! My name is Alexia, I am 22 years old, and I come from Belgium. I am currently doing an internship at the Foreign Language Training Center and I’ll be here until the end of March. Yeah, I am the one sitting at the back of the office who cannot answer your questions, sorry… But what is a Belgian student doing in St. Petersburg, you might ask… Well, I am a fifth-year student at the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation at the University of Mons; and Russian and English are my two working languages. I fell in love a few years ago with St. Petersburg and with the Russian culture, so it was an obvious choice for me to intern here. For this article, I will focus on a few points that, I think, represent the most significant differences between these two countries so dear to my heart. So, if you want to learn a bit more about my tiny Belgium and how it differs from Russia, then please read the article below!

A Train to Vyborg!

Looking for a short getaway close to St. Pete? Why not consider the historical town of Vyborg? The author of this blog shows how it could happen…