What Do ITMO Students Do in Their Free Time?

When people think about students, they might imagine fun times. When people think about programming students, they may think about studying, libraries, and computers. ITMO students break all such potential stereotypes!

Ammar Ali on Life at the Computer Tech Lab

Ammar Ali came from Syria to participate in a Master’s program in Business Information Systems. I caught up with him to hear all about a day in the life of a second-year Master’s student at the Information Technologies and Programming Faculty and a computer vision engineer at the the International Laboratory "Computer Technologies"

Online Tools To Create a Perfect CV

Having a visually appealing CV is a big advantage on the job market: it increases your chances of being invited to an interview by 65%. The Career Services Center of ITMO University made a list of the best CV builders to help you land a job of your dreams.

Top 5 Apps for Time Management

How to organize your daily activities without forgetting anything or getting exhausted? That’s what planning apps are for! ITMO University’s Career Services Center made a compilation of five useful tools that will help you stay productive.

CARE-LAB: Boosting International Collaboration While Doing Good

ITMO University’s European representative office in Brussels, in collaboration with UMons, UPC, Université de Montpellier, KULeuven, and University of Bath, recently co-produced the virtual workshop Facing COVID: CARE-LAB which brought together students from several European countries to design residences for the elderly and build new competencies in the process.

My Experience of Attending the BioPrint Workshop Remotely

The year 2020 has been quite unusual. Despite the odds, ITMO University’s Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technology (SCAMT) Institute had recently organized a workshop on 3D bioprinting called BioPrint and I being placed in a different country had to attend it completely online. But in no way was the workshop unidirectional. All of us got the opportunity to interact with the scientists and ask them questions about their research. I felt I was a part of the event throughout even though physically I was miles away.