How to Improve Self-Motivation

First of all, let’s define motivation. What is it? A feeling? An action? Or maybe something else… Basically, it is a process that induces action aimed at satisfying needs. It is a reason why a person does concrete actions, the psychophysiological process that controls human behavior, sets its direction. Motivation (motivation) is at the heart of all the actions we do. Progress is impossible without motivation. It is this feeling that allows you to overcome laziness and inertia in relation to the surrounding reality and yourself. Where there is no motivation, there is no progress, no movement.

Do We Live In the Future?

Yesterday my old grandmother asked me to show her my gradebook. Just imagine my explanations about online points, electronic documents, and no paper at all. In the end of our conversation, she told me that my stories are the same with sci-fi books about future which she had read in her childhood. So ITMO University shows us that we live in the future!

Ibraheem’s Expeditions: Nevsky Prospect

"You are going to one of the most beautiful and charming cities in the world" this phrase got stuck in my mind as I was telling my Russian language teacher back in Syria that I received the results for the scholarship and I was accepted at ITMO in St. Petersburg.

Using Mobile Devices for Everyday Productivity

Summer’s over and everyone’s back to their studies, research and work. Depending on whether most of your activities are held online, hybrid or in-person, the sudden influx of new information and deadlines can range from jarring to overwhelming. Since we’re all connected to our mobile devices throughout the day, making the most of them is a great way to focus on what’s important.

Phys. Ed at University: Endless Opportunities

Many people believe that physical education as a subject in schools and universities is pointless. For some people, it's just about inexperienced coaches who don't know the rules of the game, old sports equipment and wasted time that could have been spent studying! But now I want to tell you that at ITMO, this is all in the past.

St. Petersburg Communal Apartments: Unique and Endangered

St. Petersburg, a city of five million residents, still has a large number of communal apartments or kommunalki, as they’re called in Russian — about 70,000 in total — most of them in the historic center of the city. With their high ceilings, large windows looking out onto the city's busy streets and picturesque scenery (if you are lucky enough), long centered corridors, and shabby parquet floor, communal apartments retain an air of gracious living, a throwback to the city’s pre-revolutionary past.

Graduating During a Pandemic

We were thinking that in 2020 we would see growing technology, we will see cars flying in the sky, we will see robots taking the place of humans, we will see self-driving cars, and that human life will be easier. But, then 2020 came along with a pandemic. Although human history shows that man has always fought these diseases, these epidemics, and man has always defeated them, and will defeat this time too, but yes, by then, human lives will have been lost. In this age of growing digital technology, we did not expect so much time and so much loss of human lives from this pandemic. We thought that medical scientists would get over it very soon. But…