Top 5 Apps for Time Management

How to organize your daily activities without forgetting anything or getting exhausted? That’s what planning apps are for! ITMO University’s Career Services Center made a compilation of five useful tools that will help you stay productive.

CARE-LAB: Boosting International Collaboration While Doing Good

ITMO University’s European representative office in Brussels, in collaboration with UMons, UPC, Université de Montpellier, KULeuven, and University of Bath, recently co-produced the virtual workshop Facing COVID: CARE-LAB which brought together students from several European countries to design residences for the elderly and build new competencies in the process.

My Experience of Attending the BioPrint Workshop Remotely

The year 2020 has been quite unusual. Despite the odds, ITMO University’s Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technology (SCAMT) Institute had recently organized a workshop on 3D bioprinting called BioPrint and I being placed in a different country had to attend it completely online. But in no way was the workshop unidirectional. All of us got the opportunity to interact with the scientists and ask them questions about their research. I felt I was a part of the event throughout even though physically I was miles away.

Going on Exchange During the Pandemic

Breathe in, the first border: Russian border control officers suspiciously gaze at my red passport; the second border: European border control officers ask about the purpose of my visit; the third border: German police are smiling; breathe out.

My Experience of Studying Soft Skills at ITMO University

It is often said that hard skills help you get an interview but soft skills help you get and keep a job! In today’s world, having great soft skills is a must. The world is changing and so is the job sector. The highly competitive nature of the market has made it mandatory for an individual to have a good command over their soft skills, as quite often they outweigh the hard ones. As a result, it is being incorporated into the curriculum of almost every university nowadays. And ITMO University has its own unique way of doing it

Coworking Spaces — What are They?

All ITMO students come from different countries and cities. We all travel from campus to campus, from dormitories to lessons, from meetings to lectures. For example, I am a participant of many activities at the university. They all are located in different places and sometimes even in opposite parts of St. Petersburg. Very often I hear questions about how I can do everything. There is a simple answer — coworkings!

How to Improve Self-Motivation

First of all, let’s define motivation. What is it? A feeling? An action? Or maybe something else… Basically, it is a process that induces action aimed at satisfying needs. It is a reason why a person does concrete actions, the psychophysiological process that controls human behavior, sets its direction. Motivation (motivation) is at the heart of all the actions we do. Progress is impossible without motivation. It is this feeling that allows you to overcome laziness and inertia in relation to the surrounding reality and yourself. Where there is no motivation, there is no progress, no movement.