Miniature St. Petersburg and Russia

For the architecturally-minded, miniatures are an excellent medium through which to peruse and dissect edifices from a global perspective. As such, here I’ve compiled a catalog of the 4 that can be found in Saint Petersburg and which I think are worth visiting.

ITMO Student on Study Abroad in the USA

My name is Alina Zashkola, I’m an ITMO student and now I am currently studying in the USA! This all became possible thanks to the YEAR Program. The Year of Exchange in America for Russians program is organized by the US Embassy in Russia that sends talented students to study in the US every year, covering the full cost of tuition, living and more. In this article, I want to tell you more about the application process and what you should do to become a finalist and spend the whole amazing year in the United States!

Best Ice-Skating Rinks in St. Petersburg

Winter in Russia can be cold and dark, but there are a lot of activities you can do during this time of year to warm up and have some fun. In St. Petersburg, you don’t even have to travel outside the city to participate in one of the most popular winter sports — ice skating! This city has a lot of different ice rinks you can visit and explore. I've chosen the three best rinks that anyone can visit this winter to get some holiday cheer and spend quality time together with loved ones.

The Women of Computer Science

We are all familiar with the now-household names of the pioneers and revolutionaries of computer science: Alan Turing, the inventor of the eponymous theoretical machine, Tim Burners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web, and Dennis Richie, James Gosling, Guido van Rossum, and Bjarne Straustrop of C, Java, Python, and C++ fame, respectively. What is sometimes overlooked, however, is the role of women in the emergence and development of the now-prodigious discipline.

Differences in the Education Systems of the United States and Russia

The American education system takes one of the leading positions in the world. Talented students from all over the world are seeking scholarships and enrollment in an American universityor college. And there is an explanation for this! The right to choose subjects, a wide range of specializations, equality of students, an unforgettable and incomparable sense of community belonging. Moreover, students are attracted by the prospects of further employment, high salaries, and the opportunity to stay in the United States.

Software Engineering Student from the USA on Studying in Russia

Alexander Wilson is a first-year Bachelor's student who came to Russia to study software engineering. I caught up with him to find out more about his experiences as a student in Russia and about his future plans. Alexander is half Russian, so he already had a solid understanding of the Russian language when he moved here.

ITMO Orienteering Fall 2021: Results and achievements

Winter is here and this means that orienteering teams are finishing their last running competitions and championships. They are starting to prepare their skis for the winter season or greeting their comrades from athletics. Many are starting to work out in indoor stadiums for the next season. So, it’s time to sum up all of the ups and downs and make some conclusions.

Holiday Markets in St. Petersburg

The holiday season is at hand, and what better way is there to celebrate than to visit a New Year market — where one can find all of the confectionaries, gift shops, food stalls and ice rinks one’s heart desires? These festivities are eagerly awaited by all and sundry, but none more so than the denizens of our beautiful city, which positively radiates gaiety in these wondrous wintry months.

All I Want for Christmas Costs a Fortune

Buying New Year and Christmas gifts for your family and friends is often quite expensive. Here are some tips on how to do it within your budget in 2022. The title is a reference to Mariah Carey’s single "All I Want for Christmas Is You"

Study Abroad: Pros and Cons, Programs

I think almost everyone has dreamt of studying in another country: having an unforgettable experience, meeting kindred spirits, and immersing themselves in the atmosphere of student life like they do in the movies. Indeed, it is impossible to deny the value of such experiences, career prospects after graduation, and much more. As someone who is currently a foreign student in the U.S.A., I really want to share my small discoveries with you and tell you more about what you will have to go through on the way to receiving the coveted letter of admission to a foreign university!