How to Manage Studies, Work, and Personal Projects to Stay Sane and Kind

I find myself screaming "I don’t have time for this!" at people several times a day. It seems like someone vicious has stolen it from me just to see me suffer. At times like that, when you rush from one task to the other, unable to take a breath, it seems that it will never end and you can do nothing to make it any better. But actually, you can! In this post, I will tell you my four key principles that I use to deal with overwhelming times in life.

Is There Room for Artistic Growth at a Technical University Like ITMO?

ITMO University is known as one of the best places for those who want to excel in engineering, science, or innovations. However, despite such a heavy emphasis on technologies, it also gives students an opportunity to express themselves through art, something many people would not expect.

Modular Study System: Effective and Student-Friendly

When I told my friends back in my home country that I am studying one subject at a time at ITMO, they were totally surprised. This was a completely new concept for them. It was a very new experience for me as well because since my childhood I had been into a study system where I had to study multiple subjects simultaneously throughout the year and then pass all the exams during one week. But ITMO University introduced me to a new concept of education termed the "Modular study system" which aims at providing the students with a unique experience of an easy yet effective system of study. In this blog, I am going to pen down my opinion on this system and list its key benefits.

Keyboards Out: Online Exams During the Pandemic

If someone would have told me at the end of 2019 that I would be taking my university exams online in the next semesters, I would have laughed at them. Now, I would possibly ask which kind of crystal ball they have since that is exactly what happened: for the past few weeks, like thousands of other students at Russian universities, I have been sitting in front of my laptop at my desk at home, taking exams.

Ammar Ali on Life at the Computer Tech Lab

Ammar Ali came from Syria to participate in a Master’s program in Business Information Systems. I caught up with him to hear all about a day in the life of a second-year Master’s student at the Information Technologies and Programming Faculty and a computer vision engineer at the the International Laboratory "Computer Technologies"

My Experience of Attending the BioPrint Workshop Remotely

The year 2020 has been quite unusual. Despite the odds, ITMO University’s Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technology (SCAMT) Institute had recently organized a workshop on 3D bioprinting called BioPrint and I being placed in a different country had to attend it completely online. But in no way was the workshop unidirectional. All of us got the opportunity to interact with the scientists and ask them questions about their research. I felt I was a part of the event throughout even though physically I was miles away.

My Experience of Studying Soft Skills at ITMO University

It is often said that hard skills help you get an interview but soft skills help you get and keep a job! In today’s world, having great soft skills is a must. The world is changing and so is the job sector. The highly competitive nature of the market has made it mandatory for an individual to have a good command over their soft skills, as quite often they outweigh the hard ones. As a result, it is being incorporated into the curriculum of almost every university nowadays. And ITMO University has its own unique way of doing it

Do We Live In the Future?

Yesterday my old grandmother asked me to show her my gradebook. Just imagine my explanations about online points, electronic documents, and no paper at all. In the end of our conversation, she told me that my stories are the same with sci-fi books about future which she had read in her childhood. So ITMO University shows us that we live in the future!