Ammar Ali on Life at the Computer Tech Lab

Ammar Ali came from Syria to participate in a Master’s program in Business Information Systems. I caught up with him to hear all about a day in the life of a second-year Master’s student at the Information Technologies and Programming Faculty and a computer vision engineer at the the International Laboratory "Computer Technologies"

My Experience of Attending the BioPrint Workshop Remotely

The year 2020 has been quite unusual. Despite the odds, ITMO University’s Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technology (SCAMT) Institute had recently organized a workshop on 3D bioprinting called BioPrint and I being placed in a different country had to attend it completely online. But in no way was the workshop unidirectional. All of us got the opportunity to interact with the scientists and ask them questions about their research. I felt I was a part of the event throughout even though physically I was miles away.

My Experience of Studying Soft Skills at ITMO University

It is often said that hard skills help you get an interview but soft skills help you get and keep a job! In today’s world, having great soft skills is a must. The world is changing and so is the job sector. The highly competitive nature of the market has made it mandatory for an individual to have a good command over their soft skills, as quite often they outweigh the hard ones. As a result, it is being incorporated into the curriculum of almost every university nowadays. And ITMO University has its own unique way of doing it

Do We Live In the Future?

Yesterday my old grandmother asked me to show her my gradebook. Just imagine my explanations about online points, electronic documents, and no paper at all. In the end of our conversation, she told me that my stories are the same with sci-fi books about future which she had read in her childhood. So ITMO University shows us that we live in the future!

Phys. Ed at University: Endless Opportunities

Many people believe that physical education as a subject in schools and universities is pointless. For some people, it's just about inexperienced coaches who don't know the rules of the game, old sports equipment and wasted time that could have been spent studying! But now I want to tell you that at ITMO, this is all in the past.

Distance Learning during a Pandemic

As for today, COVID-19 is the most discussed topic in the world. The spread of Coronavirus has impacted the format of the educational process for most universities and our university, ITMO, is no exception. ITMO has moved to distance learning, providing online classwork. That is why I want to share with you my distance learning experience.

From High School Graduation to Diploma: Expectations vs Reality

It is always challenging to find yourself and stand up for your ambitions. The last year of school is an enormously significant period when choices surround you all the time. Moreover, when it comes to picking a university, you have no other way but to rely on someone’s words because of your own lack of experience. There are many articles which can clearly illustrate students' lives and their opinions, but sometimes it is better to compare two subjects in order to get the desired result. That is why I conducted a survey and gathered information about the most crucial aspects of students' current life which they imagined differently.

Relationship Between Students and Educators at ITMO University

Disclaimer: I am a MSc student at the faculty of Applied Optics and will only be speaking from my own experience. The culture may vary from faculty to faculty as well as from person to person. However, feel free to extrapolate my experience to get a general feeling :)

Academic Culture at ITMO University

Disclaimer: I am a MSc student at the faculty of Applied Optics and will only be speaking from my own experience. The culture may vary from faculty to faculty as well as the academic opportunities. However, feel free to extrapolate my experience to get a general feeling.