ITMO Student on Study Abroad in the USA

My name is Alina Zashkola, I’m an ITMO student and now I am currently studying in the USA! This all became possible thanks to the YEAR Program. The Year of Exchange in America for Russians program is organized by the US Embassy in Russia that sends talented students to study in the US every year, covering the full cost of tuition, living and more. In this article, I want to tell you more about the application process and what you should do to become a finalist and spend the whole amazing year in the United States!

Study Abroad: Pros and Cons, Programs

I think almost everyone has dreamt of studying in another country: having an unforgettable experience, meeting kindred spirits, and immersing themselves in the atmosphere of student life like they do in the movies. Indeed, it is impossible to deny the value of such experiences, career prospects after graduation, and much more. As someone who is currently a foreign student in the U.S.A., I really want to share my small discoveries with you and tell you more about what you will have to go through on the way to receiving the coveted letter of admission to a foreign university!

My Exchange Semester: New Opportunities, Knowledge and Friendships

The nearly three months of my stay in St. Petersburg as an exchange student has gone in an instant. I have experienced incredible emotions from the city and studying at ITMO during these last few months. St. Petersburg became especially comfortable for me thanks to people that I met at university. This is also the merit of the incredible Buddy system team that not only helps to get to know the city, but also invests all its efforts in creating a friendly atmosphere among students.

IT’s MOre than a UNIVERSITY — IT’s MOre than a slogan

When you read this phrase for the first time, you may think that it’s a simple catchphrase to convince people to go to ITMO University. Actually, once you step in any ITMO building and talk to someone, you immediately understand that it’s not the case.

We Get a Lot of Happiness from the Buddy System

What do you think makes life at ITMO University so exciting? Yes, it's the Buddy System, a wonderful club that fully supports our exchange student life, devises various activities, organizes weekly national nights, and keeps us entertained. This club also provided a lot of support when I visited ITMO University in 2019 for just one week. They guided me from the airport to the hotel, talked about their culture in English, and took me and other students to famous sights in St. Petersburg, such as Japanese restaurants, aquariums, and bookstores.

An Intercultural Reunion

After two years away from ITMO, I had a very special reunion with my intercultural communication teacher.

Going on Exchange During the Pandemic

Breathe in, the first border: Russian border control officers suspiciously gaze at my red passport; the second border: European border control officers ask about the purpose of my visit; the third border: German police are smiling; breathe out.

My Impressions After 5 Months in St. Petersburg

With a sense of satisfaction, I feel that I have made the most of every opportunity I had here. ITMO University plays an important role in this statement and also plays the living experience per se.

Meeting and Talking with International Students

How do you start communicating with people from around the world? Are the Portuguese so patriotic? How much do we have in common with the French? This is my fourth post about my exchange semester in a small Czech city Zlin and I’d like to tell you about communication with people from other countries. In fact, meeting people was the best part of the term, because first of all it has greatly enriched me as a person. You can find my other posts here.

From University of Campinas in Brazil to ITMO University in Russia

I am an Industrial Engineering student at the University of Campinas in Brazil, and recently I came to Russia to study at ITMO University, in St. Petersburg. Concerning my studies and professional interests, I came to increase my knowledge and skills in technology and computing subjects, to which I don't have easy access where I live. Apart from that, I have had some particular affection to Russian culture and history. Due to that, I am now having a gratifying and intense experience.