Is there life after academic mobility?

I spent 4 months in Pilsen living my best student months I have ever had. Now, that I am back in Saint Petersburg to my normal not international way of living, I am ready to value my whole experience without bias.

Higher Education in Belgium: My Personal Experience

I’m an exchange student studying in Brussels and here’s my attempt to give an overview of what is Belgium higher education system is on the example of Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Brussels. This post is written with the help of my classmate, David De Vocht — thanks a lot for your help!

Living and Studying in Brussels: The Heart of Europe

I’m an exchange student, currently living in Brussels, Belgium. This city is full of contrasts and is proudly called "The Heart of Europe". It is a curious place to live in, I still haven’t figured out what is Brussels and I’m on my way discovering what is Belgium.

A Month in Pilsen is Like a Year of Travel

I am an exchange student who currently lives in Pilsen, a town you probably haven’t heard of before. It is okay because before I came here I had no idea about this place. Pilsen is the fourth largest city in the Czech Republic. If tourists come here, they do it for the sake of beer and beer factories.