An Intercultural Reunion

After two years away from ITMO, I had a very special reunion with my intercultural communication teacher.

Going on Exchange During the Pandemic

Breathe in, the first border: Russian border control officers suspiciously gaze at my red passport; the second border: European border control officers ask about the purpose of my visit; the third border: German police are smiling; breathe out.

My Impressions After 5 Months in St. Petersburg

With a sense of satisfaction, I feel that I have made the most of every opportunity I had here. ITMO University plays an important role in this statement and also plays the living experience per se.

Meeting and Talking with International Students

How do you start communicating with people from around the world? Are the Portuguese so patriotic? How much do we have in common with the French? This is my fourth post about my exchange semester in a small Czech city Zlin and I’d like to tell you about communication with people from other countries. In fact, meeting people was the best part of the term, because first of all it has greatly enriched me as a person. You can find my other posts here.

From University of Campinas in Brazil to ITMO University in Russia

I am an Industrial Engineering student at the University of Campinas in Brazil, and recently I came to Russia to study at ITMO University, in St. Petersburg. Concerning my studies and professional interests, I came to increase my knowledge and skills in technology and computing subjects, to which I don't have easy access where I live. Apart from that, I have had some particular affection to Russian culture and history. Due to that, I am now having a gratifying and intense experience.

I’ll be back

A train from Wismar-Hamburg, with one change in a small-town Schwerin, to Hamburg airport, 2 hours at the airport with a huge anti-depressing pack of gummy bears, 2.5 hours on the plane and here we go, "you're arriving at St. Petersburg, the hero-city Leningrad. The temperature outside is 16 degrees Celsius. Thank you for choosing "Rossiya Airlines.'" Welcome home.

My Student Exchange in Czech: Buddy System

In my third post I will tell you about the Buddy System and student events at Tomas Bata University in Zlin, a small Czech city where I spent my exchange semester. You can also read my first and second post about my student exchange in the Czech republic.

Life in the Czech Republic as an International Student

What is it like to be an exchange student in the Czech Republic? I will share with you my experience last semester and write a few posts. In this blog I’m going to describe the country and Zlin, the city where the university is located, and share with you about the Czechs and the budget. Let’s start!

(Ex)change your life

It’s 15 degrees. I’m having coffee and marzipan cake in a cozy bakery in a small town called Wismar, in a big country, Germany. It’s been a month of studying on an exchange program in Hochschule Wismar and it’s already changed my life.