What Do ITMO Students Do in Their Free Time?

When people think about students, they might imagine fun times. When people think about programming students, they may think about studying, libraries, and computers. ITMO students break all such potential stereotypes!

CARE-LAB: Boosting International Collaboration While Doing Good

ITMO University’s European representative office in Brussels, in collaboration with UMons, UPC, Université de Montpellier, KULeuven, and University of Bath, recently co-produced the virtual workshop Facing COVID: CARE-LAB which brought together students from several European countries to design residences for the elderly and build new competencies in the process.

Three Places Near ITMO To Eat On A Budget

Students spend a lot of time at universities and they often have to replenish their energy reserves during the day. As scholarships are not really high, students need a place where they can eat on a budget between classes. Read on to find out about some nice places to check out near ITMO building on Lomonosova street.

A Train to Vyborg!

Looking for a short getaway close to St. Pete? Why not consider the historical town of Vyborg? The author of this blog shows how it could happen…

Unusual Places Outside of St. Petersburg

The city of St. Petersburg abounds in places of interest and popular landmarks. In the four years of my life here, I’ve visited practically all of the most famous ones, with some of them really proving worthy of the hype. But they all share a significant disadvantage — crowds of tourists on weekends, and sometimes the inability to get anywhere either for free or outside the tour group. Therefore, like many other people, now I prefer to look for less classic routes and places to relax. Here I will try to talk about some of them.

The Best of Upcoming Music Concerts in St. Petersburg in 2020

It is already the beginning of 2020, so the new concert season is ready for its kick-off. Even though most of the summer festivals haven’t revealed their line-ups yet and we will get many surprises later, a bunch of shows have already been announced. Here’s a quick overview of seven most interesting, in my opinion, music events that will happen in St. Petersburg in 2020!

Yagodnoe Trip: A Chance to Strengthen Ties Between Russian and Exchange Students

You are in another country, so different from your hometown. Deep down, you know you are a little bit afraid about everything. You are out of your comfort zone even with the most ordinary actions in your routine. At ITMO University, thankfully, there is an organization which aims to help exchange students: the Buddy System. It is composed of Russian students from the University who, amongst other things, are responsible for arranging and preparing an amazing event: the journey to Yagodnoe. This place is a property of ITMO University and there are cozy houses, many facilities and beautiful landscapes, with no phone service. A perfect environment for students to better understand each other and enjoy nature.

From the Capital: A Trip to Moscow

The sky is clear. The wind is not so strong. The sun is slowly setting, and the tallest trees are as interconnected as any big forest by the road. Darkness is slowly becoming light. It seems like the last rays of the sun and the yellowing of the sky lasts only a short while and then the end of the day and the start of the night will begin.