The Best of Upcoming Music Concerts in St. Petersburg in 2020

It is already the beginning of 2020, so the new concert season is ready for its kick-off. Even though most of the summer festivals haven’t revealed their line-ups yet and we will get many surprises later, a bunch of shows have already been announced. Here’s a quick overview of seven most interesting, in my opinion, music events that will happen in St. Petersburg in 2020!

Yagodnoe Trip: A Chance to Strengthen Ties Between Russian and Exchange Students

You are in another country, so different from your hometown. Deep down, you know you are a little bit afraid about everything. You are out of your comfort zone even with the most ordinary actions in your routine. At ITMO University, thankfully, there is an organization which aims to help exchange students: the Buddy System. It is composed of Russian students from the University who, amongst other things, are responsible for arranging and preparing an amazing event: the journey to Yagodnoe. This place is a property of ITMO University and there are cozy houses, many facilities and beautiful landscapes, with no phone service. A perfect environment for students to better understand each other and enjoy nature.

From the Capital: A Trip to Moscow

The sky is clear. The wind is not so strong. The sun is slowly setting, and the tallest trees are as interconnected as any big forest by the road. Darkness is slowly becoming light. It seems like the last rays of the sun and the yellowing of the sky lasts only a short while and then the end of the day and the start of the night will begin.

One Hour: A Trip to Catherine Palace

Catherine Palace is located 30 km south of Saint Petersburg. It’s an hour’s drive from Saint Petersburg. It was the summer residence of the Russian tsars. And we were there on 12th May 2019. The trip was organized by the ITMO.STUDENTS community. On May 12, everyone arrived at Kronversky on time and the BUS departed from the main campus of the university at the scheduled time. A lady guide was with us. We were about more than thirty students on that trip, including international students. When the boarding was finished, our student IDs were taken from us by the lady guide. The bus departed at 10:47 am and arrived exactly after one hour 11:47 am at Catherine Palace.

St. Petersburg to Finland on a Budget

Summer has ended but your mind is full of memories to be recalled. Living in St. Petersburg makes Finland one of the most reachable destinations for traveling. Untouched nature, Nordic-styled cities, unique Finnish goods, and more appealing things make Finland a perfect location for your upcoming adventure. Today, I am going to take you through my Finland-on-a-budget trip and share some interesting details that you probably have not discovered yet.

Sweet Business

Everything started two years ago with a cake which I baked for one of my groupmates' birthdays. I made that cake in a multicooker. The cake had a really strange shape and looked like melted jelly, but everyone who tasted it liked it! After that, my friends started asking me to bake something for their friends and family.

A Sunday at the Beach

My name is Violanti, I’m a student at ITMO University and I study Food science & Technology, specializing in "milk products'. I am from a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, called Cyprus. The lifestyle here in Russia is so different that when I compare it with my homeland lifestyle, it is like I’m living two lives in one. But I enjoy both lifestyles!

The 10th Floor

Travelling to a new country to study as an international student can be very exciting when you think about the opportunities ahead of you. You spend a lot of time checking pictures of the new city and university online and you can’t wait to see and experience the new country but the thought of leaving your friends of many years and family will always dampen your enthusiasm. It dawns on you as the day draws closer to your departure that you will have to be without them for some years. Friends and family are special gifts because you can always count on them. Most times, they are just a phone call away but in a new country, they are thousands of miles away and you start feeling sad.

The Optics Are Looking Good

The ITMO Optics Museum is free to students and has a myriad of interesting exhibitions that will amaze even the most cynical. The Optics museum is located on the ground floor of the Birzhevaya campus. When you walk in, the museum is broken up into several different rooms each with a theme. The museum has way too many exhibitions for me to describe each, I’d love to talk about a few of my favorites--which just happen to be the most "Insta-worthy" concepts.

Exploring St. Petersburg’s Views

Last weekend I finally got to see our beautifully charming St. Petersburg from the top of the roof. The weather was undoubtedly perfect and seeing the sunset in this environment was truly an unforgettable experience.

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