Ayaz-Kala: A Fortress From the Distant Past

The Ayaz-Kala archaeological site encompasses the ruins of three ancient fortresses from the time of the Kushan Empire, located in Uzbekistan’s Kyzylkum Desert. The name of the settlement translates as "fortress in the wind." Built when Kushan culture was at its peak in the third and second centuries BCE, it bolstered the empire’s northern defenses and protected those territories from foreign encroachment.

Lake Ladoga: A Quick Getaway from St. Petersburg

The largest lake in Europe, the second largest in Russia after Lake Baikal, and the 14th largest freshwater lake in the world — that’s Lake Ladoga. Such an enormous lake with 48 species of fish and even its own endemic seal species (the Ladoga seal) seems like it should be in some far away, long forgotten spot only accessible to the most dedicated of travelers. And yet, it’s right outside of St. Petersburg! So easily accessible, it’s the perfect place for a little weekend getaway.

Miniature St. Petersburg and Russia

For the architecturally-minded, miniatures are an excellent medium through which to peruse and dissect edifices from a global perspective. As such, here I’ve compiled a catalog of the 4 that can be found in Saint Petersburg and which I think are worth visiting.

Be Brave: My Experience at Halloween in Yagodnoe

At the end of October, I spent Halloween in Yagodnoe. It was a wonderful experience for me. It all started when I was invited to ITMO’s English speaking club by a friend I met in my intercultural communication class. When I attended the club for the first time, I found out that there was going to be a Halloween event at a place called Yagodnoe in about a month

Three Great Detective Novels to Check Out

I’ve been a huge mystery fan since I was a kid. I love it so much that once, when I was around twenty, I decided to re-read all the Sherlock Holmes stories in chronological order. But what makes a good whodunnit? You know you’re reading a brilliant novel when you’re so inside the story that you forget about unmasking the murderer. Read on to discover three great detective novels of the last decade.

Three Lesser-Known Books on Popular Science

We often associate popular science literature with hard science, while not paying enough attention to the communication of humanities' knowledge. So, for today’s selection, we’ve picked three great books on society, social bonds, and literature.

Three Novels You Won’t Be Able to Put Down

There are many reasons to love fiction. I, for one, appreciate the opportunity to immerse myself in someone else’s story and witness events that I myself wouldn’t ever experience. In today’s compilation, we’ll share three novels by three great authors that will make you forget about reality.

Best Light-Hearted Movies to Make Your Day Brighter

Each of us has days full of gloom, when nothing amuses us, and we don’t want to do anything. In moments like this, it’s very important to devote time to yourself and your favorite things, which can brighten any cloudy day and cheer you up.

May Holidays: Where to go to Experience Nature in the City

The May holidays are approaching. A few days when everything comes together — good weather and a break from studying and work. I always want to get as much out of these days as possible. To gain strength for the last push of study in this semester, to breathe in that warmth of May days, to enjoy nature. Many people leave the city, but what can you do if you don't have a summer house? How do you spend those days in the city?

Three Books to Read This Month: March 2021

The Center for Science Communication and ITMO University’s library are launching a brand-new column series on literature. Twice a month, Ksenia Spiridonova, an expert with the Center, will share her top reading picks on selected topics.