The 10th Floor

Travelling to a new country to study as an international student can be very exciting when you think about the opportunities ahead of you. You spend a lot of time checking pictures of the new city and university online and you can’t wait to see and experience the new country but the thought of leaving your friends of many years and family will always dampen your enthusiasm. It dawns on you as the day draws closer to your departure that you will have to be without them for some years. Friends and family are special gifts because you can always count on them. Most times, they are just a phone call away but in a new country, they are thousands of miles away and you start feeling sad.

The Optics Are Looking Good

The ITMO Optics Museum is free to students and has a myriad of interesting exhibitions that will amaze even the most cynical. The Optics museum is located on the ground floor of the Birzhevaya campus. When you walk in, the museum is broken up into several different rooms each with a theme. The museum has way too many exhibitions for me to describe each, I’d love to talk about a few of my favorites--which just happen to be the most "Insta-worthy" concepts.

Exploring St. Petersburg’s Views

Last weekend I finally got to see our beautifully charming St. Petersburg from the top of the roof. The weather was undoubtedly perfect and seeing the sunset in this environment was truly an unforgettable experience.


It’s strange how some decisions change your path, your perspective, your… everything. At the moment you receive the email about a semester exchange you have no clue how important that "I'm interested" can be. It’s just one semester after all, right? Well, no. It’s a life lasting memory.