Professional development course in laser welding

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The laser welding course by international expert Mikhail Sokolov will kick off on March 14, 2024. 

The course includes the latest laser welding technologies, as well as the research methods applied at the Welding Institute (TWI Ltd) in Cambridge (noted for the first commercial application of laser welding) and Warwick Manufacturing Group at the University of Warwick (among the top 100 universities in the world).

It will examine the current challenges faced by the field of laser welding, including welding of dissimilar metals and alloys, highly reflective metals and others. Particular attention will be paid to work methods, analysis of recent papers, selection of methods for conducting team research, and publication of results.

Speaker: Mikhail Sokolov, PhD, a laser welding specialist with international experience who has worked in the UK, Finland, Germany, Sweden, and Japan. For the past two years, before relocating to Russia and starting his work at ITMO, Mikhail had led research projects at TWI Ltd.

How to apply: applicants are required to fill out an application form before March 8, 2024. You will be contacted for further information via email. 

The course is delivered in English. The required level of proficiency is B2 and higher.


    • Senior Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD students; 
    • Engineers working with laser welding equipment;
    • Employees of research institutions.


    ITMO University’s Institute of Laser Technologies


    Mikhail Sokolov