The International Summer Conference on Theoretical Physics

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The International Summer Conference on Theoretical Physics (ISCTP) will be held at ITMO University from June 17 to 21, 2024

ISCTP is a major scientific event that aims to provide a venue for scientists to share their knowledge, ideas, and accomplishments in diverse domains of theoretical physics. 

This year’s conference is organized by ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics and the Abrikosov Center for Theoretical Physics.

Key topics

  • Quantum technologies;

  • Condensed matter physics;

  • Atomic physics and quantum electrodynamics (QED);

  • Nuclear physics and quantum chromodynamics (QCD);

  • Electrodynamics of metamaterials;

  • Quantum and nonlinear optics;

  • Polaritonics;

  • Low-dimensional and quantum systems;

  • Astrophysics;

  • Topological photonics;

  • Magnetic systems;

  • Acoustics.

Applications are accepted until May 1, 2024.


PhD students and young scientists are invited to present their posters and short reports at the conference.


  • Faculty of Physics, ITMO University

  • Abrikosov Center for Theoretical Physics