Magic of Light: Exhibition of Installations, Holograms and Optoclones

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The Magic of Light Exhibition will present the mysteries and modern iterations of optics. It will take place at The Eliseev House that in the middle of the XX century used to house the State Optical Institute founded by Sergey Vavilov, the forefather of the physical optics school. 

The exhibition will be comprised of three themed zones on over 1,500 square meters.

LightGames Interactive Exposition: optical illusions, light tunnel, lightmusic, thermal vision, gigantic kaleidoscope, and "the window into eternity." One of the top attractions is the "Magical Forest" tunnel, where visitors can walk through hundreds of LED strips hanging from the ceiling and experience a architectural space defined by light strings.

The second zone is an art exposition HoloUniverse: holograms, light installations and projections, massive mappings. Here visitors of the Magic of Light can get up close and personal with all existing types of holograms: from a monochrome on glass to digital and optoclone.

The exhibition will also feature a legendary hologram of Lloyd Cross The Kiss made in 1974. Lloyd Cross created the first "living" hologram that combined 2D holography and cinematic techniques. The "movies" effect is achieved thanks to a large number of consequent images printed on curved film. 

The third zone will be the outside laser theater Lux Aeterna. The main stage of the theater is a spheric tent cupola where visitors will be able to see the "Without Gravity" performance, an excellent form of art therapy, according to the organizers. 

The guests of the exhibition will be able to participation in ITMO University's quest "Department Obscura," a nod to Camera Obsura. The new "department" will welcome those who haven't taken the finals in a while and has forgotten all about fear. The format offers an immersion into scientific material through games all in a face of a real fear of failing the final and staying in the dark room of ignorance forever.



Contacts: Viktoria Kotlova, PR coordinator of the International Year of Light in St. Petersburg