Workshop "Meet&Hack 2019"

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On July 22-26, the Meet&Hack 2019 workshop will be held at Innopolis University. 

The company "Open Mobile Platform" invites students, PhD researchers, developers and everyone interested to take part in this event dedicated to the development of an app for the Russian mobile operation system Aurora (formerly Sailfish).

The first part of the workshop consists of learning activities. Participants will attend lectures by the developers of the company "Open Mobile Platform", applied classes with lots of practice-oriented training and informal discussions on issues in the field. The second part of the workshop comes in the form of a hackathon, as part of which the participants will be able to choose or come up with their own concept of the mobile app and implement it using the knowledge obtained. The projects will be defended in teams and evaluated by an expert panel of judges. Authors of the best solutions will be awarded with valuable prizes.

The program of the event will take place over the course of five days and include:

  • Day 1. Introductory lectures by the specialists of Open Mobile Platform on the best tools, main API, as well as step-by-step guide to interface design;
  • Day 2. Workshop on app development. Discussions of concepts to be submitted as part of the contest and start of the implementation process;
  • Day 3 & 4. Project work;
  • Day 5. Presentation of the results and award ceremony for the winners. 

Conditions for participation:

  • Participation is free, provided that you register and successfully pass the qualification round;
  • You can register both as part of a team and as an individual participant, in case of which you'll be included in a team later on;
  • The registration closes on July 12;
  • The task for the qualification round will be sent to you in the 24 hours following the registration deadline to the email address you indicated in your application;
  • The qualification round task has to be submitted before July 15;
  • You will be provided with free housing on Innopolis University campus (modern two-person dorms);
  • You will be provided with free breakfast, lunch and dinner on Innopolis University campus;
  • Information on the transfer from and to the airport will available a week before the event.


Students, PhD researchers, developers and everyone interested are very welcome to take part in the event. 


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